We Are the 99% – Vote For Your Best Interests

These people are complete ass hats.

There basic argument is that anyone who ever needed help is a taker, but they don’t want to raise the minimum wage or do something about the people who actually need the earned income credit which is really just a subsidy for businesses.

How do you get to sit there and say that anyone just wants to take. People are just trying to survive.

Businesses get 154 Billion in tax subsidies. Those are successful businesses  who are paying less taxes than they have in the last 50 or 60 years. Yet we want to cut food stamps to veterans and poor people?

And there is a huge swath of middle america willing to vote against their own best interests. Every dollar of aid stimulates local businesses. We, the working class spend every dollar we get, we have to, we don’t have a choice. But give a tax dollar back to a m/billionaire and they stick it in the bank. It doesn’t help us grow, and they prob aren’t ever going to pay a cent of taxes on future growth.

I just don’t get how people making less than 100 or 200 K can watch these shows and not realize you are part of the “takers” as far as these people are concerned.

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