To Those Saying We Are Weakening Our Military

Okay, let’s just review some facts.

There is some crazy mongering around out there saying that the new budget is going to “weaken” our position because it cuts too deep. They are saying it “guts” our defense, which is just insane.

Let’s review the facts. Take a look below. What do you notice about the “gutting” budget that was just proposed? It is still 16% higher than the spending in 2011. At some point we can’t spend more than half our dollars on defense.

I’m not saying cut it to nothing, but I believe 40%  isn’t a bad target. How many times do we need to be able to destroy the whole world? Fifteen, twenty times? At what point does it really not matter any more?

And or, let’s look at it a different way. If I have a huge house, my alarm system costs more. And if I have a lot of wealth in that house, I may spend even more for a guard or drive by patrols. Guess what, if you want to keep spending so much on the military, let’s put a 50% tax on every dollar you make over a million.  And, let’s make sure it has some teeth. Anyone caught with offshore accounts gets all their assets seized.

2011 Spending:

Proposed Budget Spending:

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