When Are Clays A Bad Idea

So I’ve been mostly on my back all week because I re-herniated my L4-L5, which really had me depressed going into the Holiday week. I’ve been on meds to help reduce the inflammation and was feeling pretty good today so I went out and shot a round of clays.

I felt great while I was out there, but when I got home I realized I may have pushed to hard. God it sucks when walking a mile is pushing it to hard.


Date Benelli M2 Rounds Fired Comment
09/14/2014 120 First clays of 2014 season.
10/05/2014 120 Solo day.
10/10/2014 110 A bit cloudy, but a beautiful day.
10/19/2014 120 I kicked butt on the beginner/intermediate stations but got my butt kicked by the rabbit.
10/25/2014 6 First duck hunt of the season. Got 1 wood duck using Kent FastSteel #4.
11/09/2014 100 Took my Ry and Jonathan out to practice. Was a mild and very nice day.
11/29/2014 120 Did a quick practice round. My back was hurting a bit though. Time to go back to the Doctor.
12/14/2014 200 It was in the 40s today and really nice out. There was a tournament going on at M&M but my oldest is very new to clays so we stuck to the beginner course and had a ball.
12/20/2014 120 Ry and I had a morning round of clays. The temps were in the mid 30’s so I was glad I had a warm hat.
12/27/2014 220

Total Rounds: 1236

It was a beautiful warm day. Which sucked because it was fairly busy today at the range. I would have preferred it to be bitterly cold so I had the place to myself. I know, I know. I’m such a people person.

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