Jeep Gladiator – Cash Magnet

When it comes to Jeeps, I have to be honest, the cost to value isn’t that great in my opinion. I’ve had two Jeeps over the years, and while they were both Jeep Liberties, my experience with Jeep were so mixed I can’t ever see buying another one. The build quality between the two Jeeps I owned was scary. One was relatively okay, the other was a mess, even though it had a quarter of the miles and was the newer of the two vehicles.

The reason I’m telling you this? Mostly for full disclosure as I’ve had some history with Jeep. So what does that mean for the newly announced Jeep Gladiator?

Visually I like it. But I also like the Wrangler its built on. That “liking it” comes right up until I see the price, and think about how reliable my old Jeeps were. If you get a good one you might be okay, but if you get a bad one you will be in the shop every month, and at the price that the Wrangler, and assuredly this Gladiator, will be at, I just couldn’t imagine putting that kind of cash at risk.

If I hit the lotto and money doesn’t matter anymore maybe I’ll think about getting a Gladiator, but until then I’ll be looking at the Ford F-150 and the Tacoma. Yes, I know they are two different classes of vehicle, I just haven’t decided if I want a full side truck or not yet, and the new Ranger doesn’t come with a V6.

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