Black Summer, Season 1, Episode 8

The team is out on the streets, and find themselves surrounded by other survivors, all heading towards the Stadium and its promised evacuation to safety.

Within a minute the first biter rushes the growing crowd of survivors, and the shooting starts.

Black Summer

The problem with shooting is that the sound brings more of the undead in an ever increasing cycle. One of the survivors is tackled. As she goes down she sprays her weapon wildly about, taking the first member of our team with a stray round.

Black Summer Friendly Fire

This is one of those details a lot of shows and movies get wrong. People panic. Stray rounds can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys.

War Zone

In the chaos, Spears and Sun get separated from William and Rose. The streets of downtown are a war zone. People are moving in every which way, and the biters are among them. People are being bitten. The Zombie horde is growing. All the while bombs are falling not too far off.

Poor Lance is on his own. He is being chased by a massive horde. At least until a bomb takes out the group behind him and knocks him from his feet.

They are almost there though, the stadium is within sight.

Rose, Sun, Spears, and William meet back up on the air bridge into the stadium, but things don’t look good. There are biters in front of them, and a massive horde coming up from behind.

The Horde

Sadly, William’s leg has gives out. The horde is close behind them. Rose does the only things she can and puts a bullet in his head. Being eaten alive would suck.

Life is harsh when the biters are close on your heels.

The Stadium

Spears, Sun, and Rose make it into the stadium, but there doesn’t appear to be any military there. The place looks deserted, until Rose sees her daughter come down the steps on the far side of the stadium.

Has Rose found her daughter? Or is this a hallucination? I think its real, my brother thinks she’s dreaming. I guess we have to wait for Season 2 to find out.

The Stadium Scoring

The Stadium scored a 91/100, making it Worth Your Time. Why? Firstly, it was full of for intense zombie violence. I’m talking top notch action scenes. Secondly those scene had tons of hordes, and realism. Why did it lose 9 points? Because it was too short and I want more!!!

I can’t wait for Season 2.

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
11Human Flow85
13Summer School70
17The Tunnel83
18The Stadium91
21The Cold95
23Card Game91
24Cold War83
25White Horse88
27The Lodge75
28The Plane99

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