Columbia Watertight Jacket

There is nothing more refreshing than being on hike when a rain squall comes in and cools you off. That part is always nice. It isn’t so nice when the temperature drops a few degrees and that cooling rain turns into a chilly, warmth sucking drain, which is where this Columbia Watertight Jacket saves the day. It is light enough to carry everywhere, and perfect to shield you against the cold rains that sap your strength.

I keep a Columbia Watertight Jacket in my vehicle. No matter what the weather is, I’m prepared to deal with it. If you have my luck, you only ever have vehicle trouble when it is raining. It is also when my buddies usually call me to help them get there boat out of the water before the storm really hits. Which is why I keep the gear I need to handle a wide range of weather conditions in my vehicle. With a baseball cap and the hood of this Columbia Watertight Jacket up I can keep my head dry and my glasses clear, which is always a bonus. It’s a lot harder to keep your footing if your getting pelted in the eyes with rain.

Even when the temperatures drop I can combine this Columbia Watertight Jacket with a sweater and its Watertight shell gives me decent coverage down to about freezing. I am a bigger guy, so part of that might be some extra insulation on my part as well – but I’m way better off with this Jacket than I am without it.

Columbia Watertight Jacket Scoring

The weather can change in an instant. Don’t let it catch you off guard without the gear you need to survive it. Because this Jacket can have a high impact on your survival, it is scoring a 805/1000.

  • Durable, waterproof nylon shell.
  • Comfy and warm.
  • Shell: 100% Nylon; Lining: 100% Polyester
  • Zipper closure
  • Machine Wash

Survival Clothing

ImpactCategoryRankItemBuy NowEst Price
High Survival ImpactSurvival Clothing805Columbia Watertight JacketColumbia Watertight Jacket$50
Moderate Survival ImpactSurvival Clothing470Tundra Ballistic Bib OverallTundra Ballistic Bib Overall$40
Moderate Survival ImpactSurvival Clothing410Cooling UPF 50 Bucket HatCooling UPF 50 Bucket Hat$20
Moderate Survival ImpactSurvival Clothing405UPF 50+ Sun BandanaUPF 50+ Sun Bandana$20
Moderate Survival ImpactSurvival Clothing400Leather Work GlovesLeather Work Gloves$27
Moderate Survival ImpactSurvival Clothing305BDU/ACU Cargo PantsBDU/ACU Cargo Pants
Moderate Survival ImpactSurvival Clothing255Evaporative Cooling TowelEvaporative Cooling Towel$8
Moderate Survival ImpactSurvival Clothing225UPF 50+ Sun Protection HoodieUPF 50+ Sun Protection Hoodie$27
Moderate Survival ImpactSurvival Clothing205Snake GaitersSnake Gaiters$32
Moderate Survival ImpactSurvival Clothing200UPF 50+ Fishing GlovesUPF 50+ Fishing Gloves$12
Low Survival ImpactSurvival Clothing190Hiking ShortsHiking Shorts$50
  • 0 to 199 Lower Impact
    • Lower Impact items may not have a direct impact on physical survival but play a part in psychological or quality of life when it comes to survival.
  • 200 to 499 Moderate Impact
    • Moderate Impact items can save your life, but may be more situational.
  • 500 to 899 High Impact
    • High Impact items will not only save your life, but will have a large impact on everyday life. Without these items your odds of survival fall.
  • 900 to 1000 Extreme Impact
    • Extreme Impact items are life and death. Without them you are dead. That death may be slow or fast, but you will die without them.

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