Bulk 55-60 Gallon Trash Bags

I keep some of these Bulk 55-60 Gallon Trash Bags in my vehicle at all times. You just never know when you might need a makeshift raincoat or find a deer that would make a great donation. Over the years I’ve given warm roadkill to friend, family, and a food pantry. If its cold or to damaged to butcher, wolf preserves will usually still take it. If you have one nearby, give them a call and find. No use letting good meat go to waste.

I also take them with me whenever I go hunting. Who wants to eat meat after the flies have been all over it? Or worse yet, who wants to leave a blood trail behind them while they are humping their kill out of the woods?

You should also keep some Trash Bags with your camping gear, because whatever you don’t burn, you should carry out with you. I also try and fill a Trash Bag up wherever I camp, because there are just some people who shouldn’t be allowed in the woods out there.

How many ways can you think of to use these Trash Bags? On the personal care side, they make setting up a bucket latrine so much easier. Same if you’ve got to vomit. When I was younger that was the most likely use for these in my vehicle. Because someone was going to have to throw up.

Post Apocalypse, all those uses are still valid. Some of them just get multiplied. When other survivors go feral because they weren’t prepared, these Trash Bags will be worth their weight in gold. You don’t want to leave anything behind you that the scavengers can use to track you. Carry all your waste with you and don’t leave anything behind that could be used to track you!

Bulk 55-60 Gallon Trash Bags Scoring

These Bulk 55-60 Gallon Trash Bags can have a Low Impact on your survival and score 173/1000.

Don’t let the number fool you. Being on the list of top thousand survival gear items is a big deal. Just being on the list makes this critical gear.

So, can you have too many Trash Bags on hand? Probably not. Life is messy.

  • 38″W x 58″H
  • 1.2 Mil
  • 100 Bags/Case

Vehicle Survival Gear

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Low Survival ImpactVehicle GearBulk 55-60 Gallon Trash Bags173Bulk 55-60 Gallon Trash Bags$38
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  • 0 to 199 Lower Impact
    • Lower Impact items may not have a direct impact on physical survival but play a part in psychological or quality of life when it comes to survival.
  • 200 to 499 Moderate Impact
    • Moderate Impact items can save your life, but may be more situational.
  • 500 to 899 High Impact
    • High Impact items will not only save your life, but will have a large impact on everyday life. Without these items your odds of survival fall.
  • 900 to 1000 Extreme Impact
    • Extreme Impact items are life and death. Without them you are dead. That death may be slow or fast, but you will die without them.

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