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My Team – One Handed Shotgun

I don’t suggest using a shotgun one handed, however, if you are training for survival, you may get hurt and may need to fight while injured.

This is advance shooting, and should be done with target rounds, with single shells loaded to start.

Be safe, and don’t do this unless have a firearms instructor to make sure you and everyone else remains safe.

Bad Gun Handling – Big Gun & Bad Footing

Before you start commenting on the fact that 12G is not a Big Gun, let me remind you that it is relative. When I taught my kids to shoot when they were younger I started them out on a .410. If you way sixty pounds, a 12G is a big gun.

On the other front, when you combine a petite person with a 12G and poor footing, and you are risking injury or death. If you watch carefully that is a semi auto and she takes a shot as she if falling. What would have happened if she swung that weapon towards the person with the camera as she fell?

Please be safe out there…