Death Valley – Season 1, Episode 8

Episode  8, Undead Hookers


The episode starts with Stubeck pulling over what he thinks his a DUI. It turns out it was a vampire attack, not a mobile BJ.  Captain Dashel then get’s to rock his monologue. Go Bryan Callan.

The episode started off strong with Captain Dashel leading the charge, but then tailed off a bit. The humor was a 4. Carla’s Ass was a 5. I hope they dress her like a hooker again.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Carla gets to be a vamp hooker. Yah!!!
  • Captain Dashel – “Watch her like an ostrich.” You have to watch it, I can’t do it justice.
  • Stubek – “He’s a nice crackhead.”
  • OMG, Carla is hot. Nice Daisey Dukes. What an ass.

  • What the hell is Captain Dashel going to do with a hemp rope and hot water?
  • Ha ha, John John is in love with hot lesbian Carla
  • John John, what the hell are you doing. Carla could be in the process of getting sucked dry. Nice move John John.
  • Carla – “How did you know where to shoot.” John John – “I didn’t.”  Nice moves using the sound eqipment to get your shot. And then getting caught looking at her knockers.
  • Very interesting, why would a vamp put a bomb in a backpack?

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Wouldn’t the men going to see Carla “the Vampire” realize she’s warm blooded?

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