Falling Skies Season 1, Episode 5

Episode  5 – Silent Kill


Tom has found his stash of narcotics and is ready to go after Ben. Anne cautions him that even if they get him back, its not a guarantee that he will be okay. The skidder is naughty, but Ann still thinks she can learn form it.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Ann is hot and has an awesome name in real life – Moon Bloodgood
  • Captain Weaver schooling Tom in tactics.  Even if it leads to the highly unlikely strategy of sending one dude in with a knife between his teeth in the dark.
  • Uncle Scott working on the radio equipmen with Max
  • Margaret is a cutie too.
  • Uncle Scott being worried about Anne. He’s a sweet old man.
  • Dr. Harris getting strangled. You get what you deserve when your an idiot.
  • Captain Weaver, “I don’t know what’s crazy anymore, we’re fighting aliens from outer space.”
  • Ann getting up close and personal with a scalpel. You go girl.
  • Mechs are the worst sentries ever – they make a lot of noise.
  • Ah, the skidder loves its little slave babies. How cute.
  • A half way quiet kill.
  • Uncle Scott, he’s also a physicians assistant.
  • CPR Boobies – keep doing CPR – Don’t stop, you can save him.  Damn, she stopped.
  • Margaret’s story. It was sad but touching.
  • The baby shower – I wonder if its going to be like “V” and its going to be an alien.
  • Ben is back.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • I know I’ve belly ached about it, but the civvies are a little too well fed and a little too clean.
  • Poor Captain Weaver, I think the song was his daughters.
  • Mike’s son Rick isn’t on a 1 to 1 watch? He just got unslaved, slaved, unslaved.
  • I’m afraid Captain Weaver is going to eat a bullet eventually. He’s starting to show cracks.
  • Ann is showing her crazy bits, but I still love her.
  • Hal’s “slave impression”.  He moves his head too much.  Although he did improve a bit later on.
  • Poor Captain Weaver listening to his kid’s music.

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