Falling Skies Season 1, Episode 6

Episode  6 – Sanctuary Part 1


The civilians are getting antsy, frightened by what has been going on in the camp. Things go from bad to worse as they realize another brigade has been overrun, and the skidders are heading their way.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Fear mentality – it would be chaos in reality.
  • Ben freaking out Max with his spine spikes. Big brothers…
  • Ben explaining how he felt about the skidders.  Uber creepy. It freaks Hal out too.
  • Tom and Ann – how long before they they get closer?
  • Lourdes, the pre med student, there is something very wholesome and sweet about her.
  • Go Jimmy, he must have played airsoft.  Good shot Captain Weaver.
  • Jimmy is in shock, give the kid some whisky.
  • Maggie, “I’m going to go save your br0ther…the one who’s about to get his ass kicked.”
  • The dynamic between Hal and Ben. If I was Tom I’d let Hal go with Max and Ben.
  • Tom and Ann finally hold hands.
  • The slave girl Clayton deals with is creepy good.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Send all those under twenty with me, after I walked in after my position got overrun.  Hmm, I smell something fishy here.
  • Candles burning in an unattended hallway? You have that many candles.
  • Come on, the mech shows up and the new guy wants you to give him your kids.  Don’t trust Clayten!!!
  • Yeah, let’s take the path I told everyone we wouldn’t take.  Great idea, and Hal just let’s him lead them away.
  • Clayten is such a traitor. What a bastard. Is everyone at Clayton’s camp in on it or is just him?


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