Falling Skies Season 1, Episode 7

Episode  7 – Sanctuary Part 2


We know from the end of Episode 6 that Pope rolled on Weaver’s group.  And everyone else at “Sanctuary” is apparently in on it.  Traitors.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Mike wondering why Clayten’s people are so settled in.
  • Pope complaining about how Clayten’s people cook.
  • Tom taking a bike and checking out where Clayten took their kids.
  • Rick at dinner, creeping me out.
  • Lourdes finds Eli’ backpack. The tension builds. I think Hal is starting to put it together. But Mike isn’t so sure because he’s known Clayten for so long. Right up until he finds the piles of belongings from all the kids Clayten has handed over to the skidders.
  • Come on, show a real live birth.
  • Mike’s still a good guy. Come on, kill everyone quick and quiet as you leave the traitor house.  I think in real life people would be a bit more viscious.
  • Good shooting Mike.  Come on, don’t bite it. Shit, Clayten flanked him.
  • Nice houses.  They picked a good spot to flee through.  I think the cake looks fine, have a bite.
  • Ben wants to go get help. He’s fast.  The after effects of the harness seem to have made him stronger. The Hal/Ben  dynamic if very touching.
  • Captain Weaver has some serious OB skills.  Weaver keeps surprising me.
  • Pope saves Hal.  He might be a d*ck but at least he’s kind of on the right team this time.
  • Come on Weaver, just drop everyone at the farm.  None of them deserve to live.
  • Nice shooting Tom.
  • Rick is a Skidder zombie – very creepy.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Send all those under twenty with me, after I walked in after my position got overrun.  Hmm, I smell something fishy here.
  • Come on, Pope would have stabbed the dude, without a doubt.
  • Why doesn’t anyone have any silenced weapons? They seem like they would be useful when your trying not to get caught by skidders.
  • Why the hell would Tom walk out in the open? It really makes no sense. And Clayten would have just shot Tom and Hal once they were disarmed.
  • Why is Ben normal but Rick is still a zombie?
  • You leave traitors who deal with the enemy alive? I think that in any army that is a death sentence.
  • Mike bought it.


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