Falling Skies Season 1, Episode 8

Episode  8 – What Hides Beneath


Captain Weaver is having trouble sleeping and is showing signs of decreased operational awareness. The school has been compromised but the Skidders are pulling back to their main ships, for unknown reasons, but Porter is ready to take the attack to the Skidders. In the meantime Ann and Lourdes are making dark discoveries about the Harnessed kids and the Skidders.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Pope has some demolition skills.
  • Rick is drawing pictures of his life as a slave.
  • Uncle Scott blowing a hole through the walls. I guess no one was down range.
  • Is there anything Captain Weaver hasn’t done? He’s soldier/OB/contractor.
  • The reveal of the new humanoid aliens. It changes the layout of the battlefield.  Are Skidders just grunts and not the decision makers like the survivors thought?
  • Max and Pope bonding. “Out of the mouths of babes.”
  • Ann and Lourdes doing alien autopsies. The Skidders may be the end result of humans being enslaved? Is Ben turning into a Skidder?
  • Karyn is at the door, with her friend the alien.
  • Captain Weaver’s wife and oldest daughter might be alive.
  • All the guns on Pope when he’s showing them how to use the alien bullets.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Poor Captain Weaver is having nightmares.
  • Rick is sitting right there drawing about Skidders as they are discussing their big attack plan. Does anyone else see problems with that.
  • Ben’s seems physically very fit but there is something going on with his harness spikes.
  • Wouldn’t shooting in the middle of an alien controlled city be a bad idea?
  • I don’t trust Rick. He wants to be taken back to the Skidders.
  • How has the old woman stayed alive for so long right next to the alien base? Oh wait, she’s crazy  after the Skidders let her go. But there is something very creepy about the way she has supplies and stuff.
  • Captain Weaver goes back to his house.  He remembers all the bad things that happened when the initial attack happened.
  • Captain Weaver was forced to take a harness off his own daughter and the pain is just too much. He’s giving up.
  • Once gain, your going to let alien sympathizers live? She’s a crazy old lady but they should have cut her down.
  • Rick running after he see’s Pope shoot through mech armor.


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