Zombieverse (2023)

Zombieverse has been dubbed for the English Language market and released (as of August 2023) on Netflix. The show is from Korea, which seems to be on fire when it comes to Zombie content lately.

A group of unwitting contestants gather to take part in a reality dating show, but things take a terrifying turn when they find themselves in the middle of Seoul overrun by zombies. Together, they must escape the city and outrun the walking dead, or risk becoming zombies themselves.


The plot is fairly straightforward. A group of survivors does their best to handle multiple different survival scenarios. Of course they are all centered around Zombies! The English dubbing is okay, but the translation often seems out of place to the situation on screen. There is laughing when people should be scared and vice versa. It makes it a little hard to get into the show. Why are people giggling when they are being terrorized by the undead?

Why is the driver just relaxing as he gets gas? There are Zombies everywhere! These are the types of scenes that just drive me crazy and make it hard to enjoy the series.

Zombies? Where?

Zombieverse Scoring

Zombieverse tries really hard to hit a lot of different genres. Unfortunately it just doesn’t do a great job of hitting the mark consistently. There is also a bit of a disconnect around what it is. Is it a Zombie Gameshow and the survivors are playing a game? Or is it an actual Zombie Apocalypse and they are just dealing with different scenarios? It feels like it was supposed to be a game show but the English translation tried to make it more of a survival show?

Zombieverse scores a 40/100 for the first season. There are just too many slow spots and bits of the plot that didn’t make sense to me. That puts this series at the lower and of the Rainy Day Scale.

The series felt like vignettes loosely stitched together. The major item which cost this series points was a lack of something that gripped me. I didn’t fall in love with any of the characters. Parts of it just didn’t make sense to me. Someone please explain this ending scene to me?

Time to Rock Out?

If you are looking for a fun and action packed Zombie Series I highly recommend Z Nation! If you are looking for something that is just fun on the other hand, I’d recommend iZombie.

Episode Scoring

Yes, the episode names are just episode and number!

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
11Episode 150
12Episode 230
13Episode 341
14Episode 435
15Episode 542
16Episode 633
17Episode 744
18Episode 845

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