Season 1, Episode 3 is titled “The Tyger and the Lamb“.

The group has reached the “BOG”, the Blaze of Glory, and the fire has attracted hordes of the undead to the burning tire pit. The group has to cross the “BOG”, but how to do that with hordes of the undead around? Hope takes the responsibility on herself to reach the siren on one of the buildings in hopes of drawing the undead to her, and away from the main group.

While Silas has flashbacks to whatever happened before he moved to the Campus Colony, the main group is struggling with how to get out of the “BOG”. Silas did something, but it’s not clear if he killed his parent before or after they turned into zombies.

Season 1, Episode 3, The Tyger and the Lamb

Felix and Huck have found the main group, which drives home the realization that Hope was the one leaving the trail for the adults to find, but it’s not really clear why yet.

The first forty minutes of The Tyger and the Lamb suffers from the same issues as Episode 2, The Blaze Of Glory. There just isn’t any suspense around the Empties.

It isn’t until the last few minutes of the episode when we see Elizabeth Kublek, the leader from the Civic, that the episode has any real tension. Elizabeth’s lieutenant questions what they did, how many people they killed, and she’s going to make sure she takes care of any potential issues before they grow, sending her lieutenant to some sort of mental health institute while also letting him know he’ll be doing manual labor when he gets out. Once he’s out the door, she does show some emotion, but she still turned him over, making me wonder if he’s related to her?

I’m hoping the series finds its pace and gets more intense, otherwise I’m afraid it won’t last more than a season or two. The Tyger and the Lamb scored a 65/100, improving slightly from the Episode 2 dip.

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
12The Blaze Of Glory50
13The Tyger and the Lamb65
14The Wrong End of a Telescope71
15Madman Across the Water60
16Shadow Puppets60
17Truth Or Dare60
18The Sky Is a Graveyard62

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