The Deepest Cut begins with Huck talking to her mother, Elizabeth, telling her to keep the faith, Huck is given much to prove herself to her current companions, and all she needs is more time.

Back with Hope and Iris, Huck is behind the wheel of their truck, motoring along in the dark when she steers into an obstacle on the road, presumably to slow down their journey.

With the truck disabled, the group sets out on foot, which gives Felix a moment to remember when he first met Huck at her security interview. He’s knocked out of his revelry by a horde that’s dragging barbed wire with them. The group makes it through, but Felix is injured in the process, getting a nice cut across the back of his ankle.

Meanwhile Elton is still trying to find Silas, and after tearing into on of his books in a rage, is forced to chase it in the rain and wind. His rage turns to worry as he picks up a page covered in blood. At the end of the blood trail we Elton doesn’t find Silas though, instead he finds Percy who is weak from blood loss or injury. It’s not quite clear yet. After Elton drags Percy across a river Percy stands up and asks Elton why he’s trying to help, Percy is destined to die. Why? Was he bitten? We don’t know yet. Then we find out that Elton is imagining his conversation with Percy when Percy challenges him to find out where he’s bleeding from, and what caused it. Elton’s subconscious was afraid it was a wrench wound, but it wasn’t. Percy has been shot.

When we come back from commercial Team Iris has found what looks like an old folks community center and Iris ends up with Huck as the team splits up to find something to fix their truck. As Iris and Huck explore, Huck uses psychological warfare, telling Iris how much faster she is than Hope, and trying to plant the seed that maybe Iris’s dad isn’t in bad shape, maybe Iris is just overthinking things.

As Felix unwraps his barbed wire injury he flashes back to the past when he’s spending time with his boyfriend Bill.

When we come back from our next commercial break Felix rolls his ankle, hurting his wound further. As the team stops to let him rest he flashes back to a dinner with Bill and the girl’s father, where its revealed that Bill his going with the girls father, Leopold.

As Elton is trying to deal with Percy’s wound by applying a poultice, he’s faced with multiple walkers hungry for a quick snack. While Elton’s subconscious tells him its okay to leave Percy behind, Elton struggles with the reality of the situation. Subconscious Percy tells Elton that humanity has a fighting chance, like his mother knew was true, and to leave him behind. This is about when Elton goes Rambo, using Silas’s wrench to destroy some walkers in a purposely slow mo scene. Sadly, I think they shot it as an action scene but had to blue it up to make it more believable. Who is going to buy the kid in the mustard suit turning bad*ss? Right?

After a short bit of soul searching Irish and team leave Felix behind so they can continue unhindered by his injury. As Felix is hugging Huck we see a flashback as she uses the blade of her spear to wound Felix during the fight with the walkers. Huck has achieved her goal of separating the girls from Felix, who might protect them from what is too come.

Iris is suspicious, but when she goes to talk to Hope, Hope doesn’t trust Iris’s gut. Later in the night Hope and Huck discuss the next steps, and the next morning Huck has convinced Iris to set out on their own.

As the rain falls Elton is using the walkie he found on Percy to call to Felix when Huck answers his call. Elton is about to tell Huck where they are when Percy wakes up and slaps the walkie out of Elton’s hand, telling him that it was Huck who shot him.

Somewhere along the walk Hope has figured out the cipher they’ve intercepted and learns that there is an agent among them. Who exactly is Huck?

The Deepest Cut scored a 55/100 as it struggled to generate a lot of suspense. All the backstabbing and intrigue was written on the walls. Please leave something for us to figure out or find out.

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
12The Blaze Of Glory50
13The Tyger and the Lamb65
14The Wrong End of a Telescope71
15Madman Across the Water60
16Shadow Puppets60
17Truth Or Dare60
18The Sky Is a Graveyard62
19The Deepest Cut55
110In This Life50

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