YETI Rambler Half Gallon Jug

When it comes to keeping drinks cold in the blazing heat, or warm in the freezing cold, you can’t beat this YETI Rambler Half Gallon Jug. With its double-wall vacuum insulation and a lid with an inch of insulation, there just isn’t a better option.

My son works in a warehouse every summer while on break from college. It is one of those huge concrete buildings with no air conditioning and the interior becomes stifling hot. By the end of his shift sweats through his clothing. Long story short he started with a lesser insulated bottle but it couldn’t keep up with the heat. By the time he went to drink from it the ice was melted and even worse, the liquid inside was getting warmer.

This YETI Rambler Half Gallon Jug was worth every penny. The Jug is so well insulated that he’s able to refill the Jug while working and the ice is still good to go.

When it comes to the cold weather, this YETI Rambler Half Gallon Jug is just as good. I put on my Tundra Ballistic Bib Overalls, grab my Rambler full of coffee and I have a nice hot beverage to drink while waiting for the sun to come up so I can have a duck dinner.


Whether you want hot or cold drinks, make sure you have a YETI Rambler Half Gallon Jug on hand. When it comes to braving the weather, this Rambler is just what you need. When it comes to survival, it scores a 250/1000.

  • Complete with all the features you expect from a Rambler.
  • Built with 18/8 stainless steel and double-wall vacuum insulation.
  • No Sweat Design.
  • The Half Gallon Jug also has a full inch of Lid Insulation.
  • Your drinks stay frosty or piping hot longer!
  • Includes MagCap so you can stay hydrated longer.
  • Rambler Jug Mount available! (sold separately)
  • 10 in tall and 6 in wide.

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