2020 RANGE DAY 6

I finally got to go back to the range yesterday to enjoy my new S&W M586, and it is just a pleasure to shoot. I picked up a box of .38 wadcutters, because I can’t find normal ammo at the moment.

1000 wadcutter rounds.

This is the first time I’ve shot wadcutter, which is designed to punch a nice neat circle in a paper target, to make scoring easier.

.38 Wadcutter Vs. Target Ammo

It takes a little more to load my wheel guns with wadcutters compared to target rounds, at least at first. Target rounds have that cone at the front which kind of helps guide them in. Not a huge issue, but loading takes a split second longer.

I like to alternate between semi auto and wheel guns. Switching up makes me adjust to each weapon, making it harder to just “dial in” with one weapon due to repetition.

Glock23, S&W M586

I put 300 rounds through my S&W M586, and had some truly awesome shows. I started in the short, 5 yard lane, and finished on the fifteen yard lane.

This was my target after the first couple reloads.

5 Yard

This was my target after a lot more rounds. yes, I am pulling to the left a little, but that’s why I’m at the range, to get better.

5 Yard Target After a Few more Reloads

I like to use the little reactive circle stickers to give me a small target. I put one on this target post and was surprised that a .40 caliber round went through a two by four. The picture on the right is the entrance, and you can kind of see how it blew out the side of the lumbar, while the right side is the exit. I have no way of knowing how much energy the round had after punching through the two by four, but it sure makes you think. At close range, even if the round hits the framing spot on, it might not be enough to stop the round.

.40 caliber going through a two by four

At the end I moved to the 15 yard lane and finished up with my last few reloads.

I took my time and shot mostly the S&W 586 in single action, but it was worth it to see the results.

15 Yards, S&W M586
15 Yards, S&W M586, Glock 23, S&W MP22

It is always a good day when I get to the range. Once the weather gets a little colder I’m looking forward to walking the clay course. It is open now, but it just seems wrong to do it when the weather’s warm.

And of course, the last thing is always clean up. I use a colander to shake all the sand and dirt off the brass before I throw it in a bucket so a buddy can reload it later.

Smith & Wesson Model 586 Shooting Log

DateRounds FiredComment
11/21/2020100This M586 is a nail driver. If I need to put a shot in s small target I'm grabbing this gun.
10/31/2020200My son and I both love this wheel gun. We traded it back and forth all day.
10/24/2020300This is just an amazing wheel gun. It is worth every penny I paid for it.
09/06/2020100My first outing with my new S&W M586.

Glock Model 23 Shooting Log

DateRounds FiredComment
11/21/202050The Glock 23 is a great little semi auto that is slowly growing on me.
10/31/2020100My son and I took turns with the Glock 23 today. He really liked the Glock, so I might need to do a paternity test.
10/24/2020100I'm not a huge Glock fan, but this G23 is slowly growing on me.
09/06/2020100Spent a little bit of time at the range on this beautiful Labor Day Weekend.
7/6/2020100Had the range all to myself!!!
6/27/2020100After figuring out how to sight with this it was fun to shoot.
10/07/201650The thing I'm starting to love about this Glock is how clean it shoots - and how easy it is to clean - because it doesn't seem to get that dirty.
09/04/201550Just a quick outing to start off our weekend.
05/09/2015150My youngest was funny when he was shooting this . I don't really feel the difference between the .40 and the 9mm, but he said he can really tell the difference.
04/26/2015100My buddy is going through a divorce and needed some cash. So I got a very nice gun that had barely any rounds down the barrel for half the retail price.

Smith & Wesson M&P 22 Shooting Log

DateRounds FiredComment
11/21/2020100The M&P 22 is just a joy to shoot, which is why it gets fed on a frequent basis.
10/31/2020200Our family friend really enjoyed the manageable kick the 22LR has. My son liked how he could group hits in rapid fire mode.
10/24/2020100After shooting the 40 Caliber G23, this feels like a toy, but it is fun to shoot.
09/06/2020100More bulls eyes with my .22 nail driver.
7/12/2020320Relaxing day at the range with my youngest son.
6/27/2020100Cheap, fun shooting.
6/14/2020100First outing of 2020.
10/07/2016250It's been a while since the .22 came out of the safe. What more could you want than cheap and fun shooting.

Remember, if you use GunBroker, or live in South Jersey, stay away from County Sports in Carney’s Point NJ. They have horrible customer service and will screw you over to make an extra $5 bucks. How do I know, because that’s what they did to me.

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