2020 RANGE DAY 5

No one wanted to go to the range with me today so it was a solo trip. No worries, I still had fun and did a great round robin of a bunch of hand guns to tag a bunch of Splatterburst Targets put on a paper target. Paper targets are cheap, and by using a few Splatterburst Targets on it, I can still tell when I hit my targets easily.

CZ P10c and S&W M5

For this exercise I put a few Splatterburst Targets up the side and in the 10 ring, and switch up as I go.

Target Exersize

I also learned a life lesson, next time I’ll make these images larger and go from top to bottom instead of trying to squeeze them across in a single row.

My Messy Desk

All in all I put a 100 rounds through the CZ P10c, S&W M586, and the M&P 22, and 50 through the Glock 23, mostly because I didn’t realize I only put one box of ammo in my ammo box when I left.

Glock 23

After taking a few at this target with the Glock, I switched up and hit the 10 ring with my first shot on the S&W M586. If I could only have one revolver, it would definitely bye the S&W M586. If I could only have one semi auto, its a bit tougher. I love my CZ 75 SP-01 but the CZ P10c is just such a slick piece of gear. Once I put a few hundred more rounds through it I’m pretty sure my semi auto gun of choice will end up being the CZ P10c.

M586 for the Bulls Eye

CZ P-10 C Shooting Log

DateRounds FiredComment
11/21/2020100The CZ P10c feels great in my hand and its loosening up the more I work it.
10/31/2020500My first outing with my new CZ P10 C.

Smith & Wesson Model 586 Shooting Log

DateRounds FiredComment
11/21/2020100This M586 is a nail driver. If I need to put a shot in s small target I'm grabbing this gun.
10/31/2020200My son and I both love this wheel gun. We traded it back and forth all day.
10/24/2020300This is just an amazing wheel gun. It is worth every penny I paid for it.
09/06/2020100My first outing with my new S&W M586.

Smith & Wesson M&P 22 Shooting Log

DateRounds FiredComment
11/21/2020100The M&P 22 is just a joy to shoot, which is why it gets fed on a frequent basis.
10/31/2020200Our family friend really enjoyed the manageable kick the 22LR has. My son liked how he could group hits in rapid fire mode.
10/24/2020100After shooting the 40 Caliber G23, this feels like a toy, but it is fun to shoot.
09/06/2020100More bulls eyes with my .22 nail driver.
7/12/2020320Relaxing day at the range with my youngest son.
6/27/2020100Cheap, fun shooting.
6/14/2020100First outing of 2020.
10/07/2016250It's been a while since the .22 came out of the safe. What more could you want than cheap and fun shooting.

Glock Model 23 Shooting Log

DateRounds FiredComment
11/21/202050The Glock 23 is a great little semi auto that is slowly growing on me.
10/31/2020100My son and I took turns with the Glock 23 today. He really liked the Glock, so I might need to do a paternity test.
10/24/2020100I'm not a huge Glock fan, but this G23 is slowly growing on me.
09/06/2020100Spent a little bit of time at the range on this beautiful Labor Day Weekend.
7/6/2020100Had the range all to myself!!!
6/27/2020100After figuring out how to sight with this it was fun to shoot.
10/07/201650The thing I'm starting to love about this Glock is how clean it shoots - and how easy it is to clean - because it doesn't seem to get that dirty.
09/04/201550Just a quick outing to start off our weekend.
05/09/2015150My youngest was funny when he was shooting this . I don't really feel the difference between the .40 and the 9mm, but he said he can really tell the difference.
04/26/2015100My buddy is going through a divorce and needed some cash. So I got a very nice gun that had barely any rounds down the barrel for half the retail price.

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