2020 RANGE DAY 5

I’m finally able to get around and feel good enough to get back out to the range. This was more than a regular range day though! Why? Because it was also my first outing with my new (to me) Smith & Wesson M586.

I didn’t hesitate. I had the option to get the M686 in stainless or the M586 which is blued. The blued M586 just calls to me.

How can you not pick the blued version? I just love the blued steel and the classic wooden grips.

I fell in love with Smith & Wesson revolvers years ago when my father in law took me to the range with his M686. That was over two decades ago now, and even though he’s since passed, i still remember spending time with him at the range.

M586 Shooting

How does this M586 shoot? This Smith & Wesson is just smooth as butter. It feels like it was made for my hand, and the action is honestly the smoothest I’ve ever felt.

At 30 feet, I was honestly very happy with my first twelve shots.

It’s a six inch target, so I felt like it was a good beginning. Add in the fact that I’m just now up and on my feet and able to get around reliably, and I was doubly happy. Back issues suck, so being able to get out to the range was super special today.

How does my new Model 586 compare to my Model 64?

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There were really two main things I appreciated when switching between these two pistols.

M586 vs M64

The first was the action. The M586 benefits from 10 years of advancements over the M64. The Model 64 came out in 1970, while the Model 586 was released in 1980. The trigger on the Model 586 is incredibly smooth. It doesn’t matter if I was firing in single, or double action, the trigger on this Model 586 was just perfect.

The second was felt recoil. The Model 586 is obviously chambered in .357 Magnum and was designed to handle rounds that would destroy the Model 64’s frame. That basically equates to a revolver that is just a little beefier, and when firing .38’s, the Model 586 barely feels any kick at all.

Overall, I’m incredibly happy with my new Model 586 and can’t wait to get out to the range again.

I only had one box of 100 rounds, of .38 left, so once that was sent down range I shot an equal amount of .22 and .40.

When it comes to the .22, it is basically a nail driver.

I was in a 30 foot stall for all my shooting today, so I can’t really complain about anything. My first Smith & Wesson M&P 22 round were all within an inch and a half. What more can you want?

Smith & Wesson Model 586 Shooting Log

DateRounds FiredComment
8/14/2021200The wheel guns are just so much fun to shoot.
11/21/2020100This M586 is a nail driver. If I need to put a shot in s small target I'm grabbing this gun.
10/31/2020200My son and I both love this wheel gun. We traded it back and forth all day.
10/24/2020300This is just an amazing wheel gun. It is worth every penny I paid for it.
09/06/2020100My first outing with my new S&W M586.

Smith & Wesson Model 64 Shooting Log

DateRounds FiredComment
8/14/2021200The wheel guns are just so much fun to shoot.
09/06/2020100I got to compare my new M586 to my M64 for the first time today.
7/12/2020100Relaxing day at the range with my youngest son.
7/6/2020100Had the range all to myself!!!
6/27/2020100Every time we go shooting the wheel gun is always the one we run out of ammo for.
6/13/2020100First outing of 2020.
10/07/2016150This really is one of my favorites. Pulling back the hammer forces me to pause - which usually helps my aim.
09/04/201550Just a quick outing to start off our weekend.
05/09/2015150The .38 is clearly a fun gun to shoot. Everyone was waiting to shoot it and I only brought three boxes of ammo for it - and they went quick.
04/26/2015100Everyone loves the semi autos but for some reason they always keep reaching for the wheel gun too. There is just something about pulling back the hammer and firing with a good wheel gun.
04/25/2015100My son wanted to shoot the revolver so I took him out to the club. He had a ball.
03/28/2015200My brother went through all my 38 ammo! But it was worth it, he was hitting the target much better with the revolver. I don't think he likes the sites on my CZ or Glock.
02/08/2015100My first rounds with my new to me S&W Model 64.

Smith & Wesson M&P 22 Shooting Log

DateRounds FiredComment
11/21/2020100The M&P 22 is just a joy to shoot, which is why it gets fed on a frequent basis.
10/31/2020200Our family friend really enjoyed the manageable kick the 22LR has. My son liked how he could group hits in rapid fire mode.
10/24/2020100After shooting the 40 Caliber G23, this feels like a toy, but it is fun to shoot.
09/06/2020100More bulls eyes with my .22 nail driver.
7/12/2020320Relaxing day at the range with my youngest son.
6/27/2020100Cheap, fun shooting.
6/14/2020100First outing of 2020.
10/07/2016250It's been a while since the .22 came out of the safe. What more could you want than cheap and fun shooting.

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