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New Shooter – Gun Cherry Popped

My cousin came in to visit from upstate New York and mentioned he’s never fired a gun before. Me, being me, was like, we are absolutely taking care of this!

My cousin, being much smarter than I, was a bit reserved, but was a really good shot for a new shooter. I’ve seen people not even be able to hit the board the target was stapled too. My cousin was able to hit the 10 by 10 inch target on his first 10 shots.

Being a logical, sane person, I started him out on my M&P 22 which he handled well. He also shot my S&W .38 and a 12G with bird shot from my Benelli M2.

I hope he had fun. I may have overwhelmed him with the different guns I had, but I am always excited to introduce someone to shooting.

(No, he does not have a big angular square head, but I figured he didn’t want his face on my blog so I put something obnoxious there instead. If he is showing you this in a bar – rest assured he is very handsome, and a good guy. Don’t break his heart – because I have lots of guns. )