Grumpy Old Liv is the season premiere and jumps right back in where Season 1 left off. Liv’s mom is pissed that she refused to give blood when her brother life depended on it – but how do you explain to your family that you’re a Zombie who craves brains?

Grumpy Old Liv

Ravi and Liv then end up at a crime scene where an older gentleman has been crushed.

Crushed By His Car Crush

Our victim’s brains then get turned into meatballs, sharing its memories and attitude with Liv.

Brain Meatballs

While Liv struggles with her Zombiehood, Blaine is a human, working as a mortician.

When Clive comes to collect Liv her Grumpy Old Man brains are in control and she’s not in a great mood, but all Clive is interested in is trying to understand what happened to Suzuki and how Major may or may not have been involved. Clive knows something isn’t right, he just doesn’t know what it is.

While questioning a tip line witness we get to see exactly who Liv’s Grumpy Old Man brains are impacting her, and I for won love it.

The witness gives them a bit of info, but things get more interesting when Liv realizes who the mortician about to clean her body is. Liv and Blaine have a heart to heart, and Blaine accuses Liv of liking the thrill of being a “crime solving zombie” before striking on the truth that Liv doesn’t have anymore of the cure that she used on Blaine. Liv begs Blaine for more of the tainted Utopium, but he doesn’t really care until she tells him that the cure may not be permanent, and she needs more Utopium to make more.

With few job options, Major is forced to act as a personal trainer. He doesn’t have any interest in chatting with Liv, but she does have him when she warns him that Clive is suspcious that Major had something to do with all the deaths at Meat Cute in Blaine’s World.

Meanwhile, the source of the Zombie plague is still interested in their next energy drink, Super Max.

Major then has a Zombie moment when he goes to meet his next personal training client – who just happens to be a Zombie.

Clive and Liv then close out there case, figuring out who killed their old man, which turns out horribly sad. A local man killed the old man after he thought the old man had killed his dog. I have to say I totally get it. If you hurt my dogs or cats I’d worry about the consequences later as well.

Grumpy Old Liv ends with Major being pitched by Vaughn Du Clark, the CEO of Max Rager. They both know there are Zombies out there, and Major needs to do something about it.

Worst of all, Major also gets to hear Ravi on the phone, confirming that what Major is experiencing, is real.

This is all overlaid by Major in his new customers house, killing him.

We then get a bomb dropped on us as we realize that Liv’s new roommate is Vaughn Du Clark’s right hand.

Grumpy Old Liv scores an 80/100. It sets the stage for some exciting follow ups, and had some awesome double-entendres splashed about, making this episode Worth Your Time.

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
12Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?70
13The Exterminator71
14Liv and Let Clive75
15Flight of the Living Dead71
16Virtual Reality Bites76
17Maternity Liv75
18Dead Air66
19Patriot Brains74
110Mr. Berserk77
111 Astroburger72
112Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat73
113Blaine's World80
21Grumpy Old Liv80
22Zombie Bro80
23Real Dead Housewife of Seattle85
24Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues70
25Love & Backetball81
26Max Wager75
27Abra Cadaver85

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