ZOMBIE SERIES – IZOMBIE , SEASON 2, EPISODE 3, Real Dead Housewife of Seattle

Real Dead Housewife of Seattle as the name implies, centers around a group of catty women in a “friend” group. As our victim is telling a friend on the phone how she told off another of their group, a man shows up at the door, offering a ten million dollar cash payment for their beautiful waterside home – which of course gets him in the door.

Our victim takes the realtor out to the deck only to get attacked. In the struggle they both go crashing through the glass guardrail to fall to their deaths. Well, she dies, but the realtor ends up in a coma in the hospital.

We then cut to the morgue, where Ravi is explaining the fall had a lot of energy because it exploded one of the woman’s breast implants.

Implans vs. Zombies

Clive has found the victims schedule on a printed stash of papers from the murderers pocket. He’s not a realtor, he’s a petty criminal, and with the woman’s schedule in his possession, Clive is convinced this is a murder for hire – and that puts the husband squarely in Clive’s scope as the most likely suspect.

For this meal, Liv makes some nice Tuna and Brain salad, delicious.

Tuna & Brains

We then cut over to Major getting squeezed. Almost literally. Vaughn Du Clark has sent his red headed assistant to remind Major they want results – and in this case results mean dead Zombies.

Red Headed Be-Otch

While Liv and Clive discover a link between the murdered woman and Vaughn Du Clark, Major has taken his next Zombie target, and gained a dog in the process.

The next day Live and Clive go to visit Vaughn Du Clark, and Liv gets a flash of Vaughn and her lunches brain having sex. Clearly they knew each other – biblically. Liv and Clive are leaving when two worlds come crashing together. Liv and Major came face to face at Vaughn Du Clark’s door.

Major Rajor

Clive and Liv aren’t being to discrete, and talk about Liv’s vision right there in Vaughn Du Clark’s office. They think they are alone, but the Red Headed assistant has heard every word.

When Clive and Liv get the chance to interview the victims husband, he doesn’t help his rankings on the suspect list at all. Liv asks him if he was aware that Vaughn Du Clark was banging his wife, and the husband punches his hand through a glass table top – so I’m guessing he didn’t?

We then get to see Vaughn Du Clark confronted about his indiscretions as well, by his Red Headed Assistant, and we also find out in the process that she’s his daughter, and the product of one of the previous indiscretions to boot.

For some reason, Red Headed Assistant decides to set her sights on Major, and proceeded to seduce him in the gym. The why isn’t clear. Is it to get even with Daddy? To piss Liv off? Is it just a ploy to get more information?

Liv then goes on a Birthday shopping spree, which lines up perfectly with Clive discovering that the very same personal shopper that Liv is hanging out with, is Clive’s new top suspect. When the suspect tries to run, Liv goes full Zombie, and smacks her around a bit.

Liv is having a sad birthday, at least until she discovers the cake in the fridge. Peyton dropped by while Liv was out, and the fact that Peyton still cares, makes Liv smile.

Real Dead Housewife of Seattle ends with Vaughn Du Clark facing off with the husband of the woman he was sleeping with – who also just happens to be on the board of Max Rager. Vaughn doesn’t react well when he’s told the board is about to vote him out, and he reacts by introducing his opponent to a Zombie.

Real Dead Housewife of Seattle scored an 85/100. There were a lot of great twists and turns, including Peyton coming back as the DA to go after the Utopium trade.

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
12Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?70
13The Exterminator71
14Liv and Let Clive75
15Flight of the Living Dead71
16Virtual Reality Bites76
17Maternity Liv75
18Dead Air66
19Patriot Brains74
110Mr. Berserk77
111 Astroburger72
112Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat73
113Blaine's World80
21Grumpy Old Liv80
22Zombie Bro80
23Real Dead Housewife of Seattle85
24Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues70
25Love & Backetball81
26Max Wager75
27Abra Cadaver85

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