ZOMBIE SERIES – IZOMBIE , SEASON 2, EPISODE 4, Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues

Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues opens with a bunch of underage kids drinking what appears to be beer while bragging about their exploits with girls, at least until a car pulls up and throws a gun out the window. Boys being boys, what are they to do but to throw a bottle in the air and try to shoot it?

Weapon Of Glass Destruction

We then get to see Peyton as Dance Class where she and Liv make up before quickly jumping over to Major’s hotel room where he and Red Headed Assistant are in bed together.

Clive and Team then catch a body. A woman has been found in a bungalow. Liv decides that Brain Fritters are the perfect way to eat her lunch.

Brain Fritters

As soon as Liv eats the brains, the deceased starts to take effect, and clearly she was country, a lot of country.

Clive and Liv focus on the dead woman’s ex boyfriend who just got out of jail, but he tells the detectives that they should may visit his ex best friend who was also banging the deceased.

Liv’s first vision of of the deceased being approached by the bar manager, trying to get her to exchange sex for an advance on her paycheck. Clive now has a new top suspect.

Meanwhile on the Blaine front, he’s tracked down the dealer who cut the original Utopium that created Zombies – because Blaine wants to make more.

The bar manager has decided to spin his own tail, but Liv knows details that no one should, and after the bar owner’s pregnant fiancé takes back her alibi claim.

Cheaters Always Get Caught

Clive thinks he might have his killer, but the pregnant fiancé is just out for revenge.

While Clive is refocusing on the original ex boyfriend Liv is letting her meal take her onto stage at the country music bar. With country music singer/waitress flowing through her, Liv decides she needs to go talk to Major and tell him that while she knows it can never be, she will always love him. Major basically shuts the door in her face, which should let her know that he agrees. Instead she crashes through the door and Major tells her again that he just wants space, for like the 100th time.

Back in Blaine’s basement he still can’t get the Zombie Utopium recipe from the dealer, and falls back on making him into a Zombie in the hopes that being a Zombie will make him talk.

We then switch over to Peyton, who has been striking out on her search to go after the Utopium dealer Mr. Boss. At least until Blaine comes in and gives her the breakdown of how Mr. Boss moves the drugs. Of course Blaine turns on all his charm, and Peyton is smitten.

Sadly, Major is struggling with his reality, using Utopium to suppress the guilt of being Vaughn Du Clark Zombie hitman.

The episodes conclusion comes down to bad luck. Our victim was just in a bad place at a bad time.

Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues ends with Major showing up at Liv’s door, asking for help. When in need, we always go back to the people who truly love us.

Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues scored a 70/100. This might have had an emotionally satisfying ending, but there wasn’t a lot of action or a huge twist on who did the killing.

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
12Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?70
13The Exterminator71
14Liv and Let Clive75
15Flight of the Living Dead71
16Virtual Reality Bites76
17Maternity Liv75
18Dead Air66
19Patriot Brains74
110Mr. Berserk77
111 Astroburger72
112Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat73
113Blaine's World80
21Grumpy Old Liv80
22Zombie Bro80
23Real Dead Housewife of Seattle85
24Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues70
25Love & Backetball81
26Max Wager75
27Abra Cadaver85

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