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I looked forward to Black Summer, Season 2, for so long, now I can’t believe it’s over!

The Plane, as usual lately, opens at the beginning so it can then work its way back to the current timeline. We open with the Militia Leader bloody, hurting, and mad that everyone just had to push things a little too far.

The Militia Leader Looks Like He’s Not Having The Best Day

Arrival opens with Rose and Anna walking into a small airfield surrounded with hangers. Anna is convinced she did what her mother couldn’t by putting Spears out of his misery, but Rose doesn’t appear sure it was necessary. Anna doesn’t make it any better by implying that Rose let her father turn instead of killing him.

Things are about to get ugly when Boone charges – now a full on Zombie.

Boone Zombie

I was really hoping he circled back to the Lodge and was drinking and eating in luxury while the generators had gas, but I guess that wasn’t to be.

Black Summer, Season 2

The Airstrip opens with an overhead view, showing the buildings as well as multiple people and Zombies moving about. Or at least one Zombie that we know of in Boone.

It looks like all the survivors of the different groups have arrived at the airstrip at about the same time. It’s not long before the survivors start to get picked off and turn. After getting shot, we see a tough situation where family causes a second death. Would you have been able to leave her?

Death By Compassion

Old Friends didn’t last long.

New Friends takes us back to Rose and Anna. They hide their ammo, apparently about to try and free Sun by pretending they have no ammo. The two don’t get to pull off whatever they were trying due to the Zombies interrupting whatever they were planning.

The Militia Leader and his one remaining woman open fire, but the panic has them missing those critical headshots.

Panic Fire Is Not Accurate Fire

Come on, at least take out their legs so they can’t chase you so well!

The group makes it into a hanger, which is when Rose decides to use the pistol stuffed down the back of her pants, but unfortunately for her, they aren’t alone in the building, and she gets stopped by a rifle pointed at her head.

I knew The Deal was going to be sad as soon as I saw Boone walking and talking. I guess it’s time to see how Boone became a Zombie. Even sadder, it wasn’t a Zombie attack, he was shot and allowed to turn on purpose to act as a deterrent to any other survivors who showed up. That’s just cold.

The Mountain Men have Rose, Anna, Sun, and the Militia Leader, and they really don’t like the Militia Leader. As the Mountain men send one of their own outside to deal with the Zombies, the other give the Militia Leader a beat down.

Poor Sun. Even with everything that has happened, she still looks scared and horrified as the Militia Leader gets beaten to a pulp.

Surprisingly they send one of their own out to deal with the Zombies, and I guess he was outnumbered because it didn’t go well.

When one of the Mountain Men busts his hand up beating the snot out of the Militia Leader they send Anna into a nearby boat to grab the first aid kit. What they don’t see is that she also grabbed a Flare gun and handed it off to her mom. Anna rocks!

This is about when the Mountain Men send another of their number out to check on the first guy, resulting in a Zombie making its way into the hanger. Panic ensues, and the Militia, Rose, Anna and Sun slip outside. This brings us back to the opening scene. The Militia Leader is pissed and ready to die. It looks like he’s about to gun down all the other survivors when the sight of the plane landing distracts him enough for Rose to shoot the flare gun into the nearby truck, causing a nice explosion.

Rose saved the day, but she got hurt by the blast as well. It looks like the concussion or debris hit her in the leg. I’m not sure it’s broken, but she doesn’t look like she’s going to be walking on it anytime soon. Rose tells Anna to go, she’s down and doesn’t want to take her daughter with her.

The Plane opens with the surviving girls hightailing it for the Plane. One of them falls, giving Sun and Anna time to board, but Anna stops, unable to leave her mom behind. The plan rolls down the runway, taking off before the Zombies can get to it.

Mance is one of the best segments in Episode 8. He comes around the corner and sees the small horde chasing Anna and the plane and uses a hammer to bring them down on himself. This results in a truly epic series of combat scenes. When it’s over, Mance is standing, but he is hurt, barely able to walk out into the light. He drops to his knees, and I was afraid he was going open his eyes and be a Zombie, but he was just physically and emotionally exhausted. Thankfully he has just enough energy left to pop Boone and put him out of his Zombie misery before the scene goes black.

Departure brings us back to Rose. She’s still lying on the ground, roused by the sound of the Militia Leader crawling towards his rifle. The two grab their guns and square off, but no one pulls the trigger right away. Anna shows up, looks at both survivors holding guns to each other, and then finds a car. She’s not going to leave her mom there to die.

We now have to wait until Season 3 to find out what fate has in store for Rose and Anna.

I’d like to think my kids would do the same, but if they had a chance to get on the plane, would have rather died knowing they had a shot at safety. But it is a hard call to make. Who says they are going to be safe getting on a strangers plane?

The Pilot, as you might imagine, takes us to the plane. Sun is watching the ground go by beneath her, talking to herself in Korean when the pilot responds. He knows a little bit of Korean and Sun is overjoyed. She’s had no one to talk to the whole Apocalypse. She has a moment of guilt when she realizes she’s the only one who made it, then relief and happiness that she has someone to talk with.

Season 2 ends with Sun closing her eyes, safe, even for just a short while.

What a strong finish to the season. Now I have to face withdrawal as I don’t have anymore Black Summer to watch. There was really only just one less than stellar episode in Season 2, but overall it was well done, fast paced, and full of tension. No on is safe, and death lurked around every corner.

The Plane earned every point of its 99/100. I took one point off out of spite for making me wait for another season to know what happens to Rose and Anna.

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
11Human Flow85
13Summer School70
17The Tunnel83
18The Stadium91
21The Cold95
23Card Game91
24Cold War83
25White Horse88
27The Lodge75
28The Plane99


The Lodge opens with one of those “out of time sequence” shots. Rose is taking a cake out of the oven before we cut to the next scene.

With the flash forward completed we see Rose, Anna and Mechanic entering the Elk Valley Lodge. Mechanic of course feels vindicated, as well happy that they found found it.

Just Like I Said

Amazingly, the place still has power. Rose at least tells Mechanic to stay close, but they still seem super casual about wandering around. I’d have my weapon at the ready and clear the rooms closest to me at the very least – if not a wing, and then barricade any other areas in case there are a few Zombies about.

After a quick check the group goes upstairs and take two rooms, which leads to Rose taking a long hot shower. I can only imagine how good that must have felt after being cold and on the trail for days/weeks. Rose does offer to let Anna go first, but Anna is still on high alert, scanning the room and out the windows as Rose goes into the bathroom.

Black Summer, Season 2

Sweet Dreams picks up with Rose finishing her shower before heading out into the room with Anna. Anna seems tense and wants to make sure they aren’t staying. She keeps looking to the door, and I kept expecting to see a shadow move on the other side, but it never happened.

Light Under The Door

Mom and daughter have a few touching moments, and Rose promises her daughter that they aren’t just going to find the plane, they are going to get on it. Rose again tells Anna to go first, this time to get some sleep, but Anna isn’t tired, and she can’t stop staring at the door.

Rose climbs on the bed and shuts her eyes. This amazed me. I would have piled some things against the door just to be safe? Maybe gone into the room next door and kicked my way through the wall so I had an escape if someone came to my door? Something?

This is the part that made no sense to me. Anna has seen people get eaten alive, but when she hears a distant noise in the hopefully abandoned lodge, she decides to go check, while leaving her mom door unlocked from the outside. I was having flashbacks to some of the dumber things Carl did in The Walking Dead while watching these scenes.

Anna wanders downstairs to find one of the doors they’d walked by earlier banging in the wind. After shutting it we see just how much pain Anna is really in.

Anna’s Pan

Footprints opens with Anna back in the room, staring at the door as her mother sleeps. This time someone does come to the door, and even tries to open it as Anna stands with her shotgun ready to fire if the newcomer tries to force their way in. Anna then does another amazingly stupid thing by going out into the hallway to see if it was Boone (I’ve been calling him Mechanic because I missed his name earlier.) but Boone is out like a light, meaning someone else is in The Lodge.

Anna’s silliness continue as she starts to investigate, leading her all the way to a doorway on a lower level that clearly has Zombies, and maybe someone fighting Zombies behind it?

When Rose finally wakes up it takes her a moment to realize that Anna is gone, which quickly leads to a search. It only takes a moment for Rose to find Anna who has found Spears somewhere along the way.

Spears Is Back

The Last Supper has the small group sitting around a table in the main dining call. Boone is excited to have food, drink, and enough propane for what he things will power the place for at least a month, maybe more.

While Boone looks drunk and happy, everyone else looks pretty dour. Rose may be worried that Spears is angry she left him behind when he was shot, and Anna is just tense, seeing things that maybe her mom can’t or won’t?

Anna knows there are Zombies in the basement, she heard them, but when Boone claims the place is Zombie free she doesn’t say why she disagrees.

Anna keeps staring at Spears, not liking the way he looks or the fact that he keeps coughing.

Spears wants to stay. Boone wants to stay. Anna wants to get to the airstrip, she wants to get away. We then come to one of the critical moments of the episode.

Spears doesn’t deny it, he just rambles about heaven and hell, and the fact that the outcome is already set.

We then get a flashback to Anna in the hall outside where the Zombie noises were coming from. Did she hear Spears inside? Was he bitten? Or is she convinced he’s dying because of his cough? None of it is clear.

Rose basically tells Spears that her daughter is her only concern, and the only reason to live. She doesn’t care about Spears or Boone, end of story. I think it was her way of apologizing to Spears for leaving him behind when he was shot – but it is also a declaration of future intent, which would worry me a little if I was with her and not her daughter.

Note Where Boone Is

We now cut back to where we were at the beginning of the episode. Rose is in the kitchen, waiting for her cakes to finish when she hears a gunshot. When she rushes in, Anna is standing by the table and Spears is dead.

Spears Is Dead

The last thing Anna says is, “We’re leaving.”

Apparently when Anna says its time to go, its time to go. Screw the fact that its cold and night time, they head out, leaving the lodge behind.

This was one of the parts I liked at first, because Boone makes a run for it as soon as he gets a chance. They could have shot him, but what purpose would it have met other than making noise and telling anyone and everything around them they were there.

The director loves time shifts, so of course we are jumping back to the dining hall to explain why Anna shot Spears.

He knows he dying, as well as giving in to fatigue and fear, but he doesn’t have the heart to pull the trigger on his own, so he asks Anna to do it for him. As a callback to the cult leader, he hands her that very same weapon, which she uses to give him mercy as tears roll down her face.

This part made no sense to me either. Boone is sitting there, so he would have heard all this right? But he acted like he was surprised at Spears death.

The episode ends with the screen fading to black.

The Lodge is a tough one to score. It was intense, but there were so many frustrating actions that didn’t make sense to me. On top of that, Boone acted shocked and puked after Spears was killed, but he had to have been at the table right?

In the end those issues cost The Lodge points, leaving it with a 75/100. Still Worth Your Time, but it could have been better.

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
11Human Flow85
13Summer School70
17The Tunnel83
18The Stadium91
21The Cold95
23Card Game91
24Cold War83
25White Horse88
27The Lodge75
28The Plane99


Currency opens with a small group of survivors who finally find one of the crates. My brother pointed out that it looked like it in the Umbrella Corporation colors, and now I can’t unsee it:

Umbrella Corp?

Just as they are opening it up a lone militia man stumbles upon them, rifle at the ready.

Did You Find My Stuff?

The lone gunman offers to share what’s in the crate if they help him get the crate over the mountain. He tells them they can take what they want and eat for a few days, or help him and have supplies for days. I guess that settled it for them. Time to be sled dogs.

Black Summer, Season 2

We then cut over to Rose, Anna, and their guide, the simple mechanic are marching through the snow. The Mechanic has promised them someplace warm, and he thinks he’s found a marker, saying they are going in the right direction, but Rose is concerned that its getting dark, and he’s clearly not right in the head so she tries to give him some motivation.


Company introduces another two groups to each other as the main militia group and another find themselves at another crate, this one full of weapons.

Push begins what I think is a silly bit of story as the group who is trying to get the gear from the first crate over the mountain has decided to take the whole crate. Come on, make a few sling backpacks and hump that gear out of there. Taking the extra weight of all the wooden crating is just dumb.

The Ridge takes us back to Rose, Anna, and the Mechanic as he struggles to find his promised safe place. Rose isn’t very accepting of his confusion and takes him out onto the ridge and is going to kill him – but for Anna. She shows that even though she has killed, she’s not heartless, and even if the Mechanic hasn’t shown them the way yet, she doesn’t believe he’s leading them away in bad faith.

Saved By Anna

Offering picks up right where Company left off. The new group is waiting for the militia to pick the gear they want so they can have a go at the crate when the new groups leader pops one of the bent over militiamen so they now outnumber them.

This kicks off a standoff that is interrupted by Zombies before Sun begs them not to do it. Why? I doesn’t make any sense to me, but it does get the Militia Leader to take her cuffs off in thanks.

The whole segment didn’t make sense to me. If someone popped one of the Militia, I don’t see any way they are just going to let the other guys just walk away?

Pull just continues the silliness with predictable results. The path is snowy and steep and people are behind a heavy wooden crate. Anyone want to take bets on what happens? The load slips free, killing one who becomes a Zombie who slowly crawls towards the wounded militia man. The silly approach get two men killed.

The last segment with Rose, Anna, and the Mechanic have them cover over a rise to see the ski resort in the distance – they made it.

Currency was by far the weakest episode of Black Summer, Season 2, so far. It had a lot of silly plot points and had people acting in ways that didn’t really make sense to me, making Currency the worst scoring episode so far with a 69/100.

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
11Human Flow85
13Summer School70
17The Tunnel83
18The Stadium91
21The Cold95
23Card Game91
24Cold War83
25White Horse88
27The Lodge75
28The Plane99


White Horse picks up the tale of Spear. He’s out in the woods, hungry, hurt and cold. There are survivors about, but Spears hides from them, not sure if they are friend or foe. At least until we walks out of the trees an comes face to face with the man who has been slowly trailing him.

An Old Friend

The newcomer gives Spears some water, and says he knows him, but Spears doesn’t seem to remember Braithwaite when he introduces himself.

Braithwaite claims to forget Spears name, and Spears is positive he doesn’t know Braithwaite, regardless of what Braithwaite says. Braithwaite says something very telling. He believes that they will both laugh once they realize who each other are.

Black Summer, Season 2

While on the move Spears and Braithwaite hunker down and watch as a man on a Pale Horse trots by. Spears wanted Braithwaite to take the shot, but Braithwaite says it wouldn’t have mattered. If he had shot, the horse would have bolted anyway.

All the while Braithwaite keeps trying out names on Spears while saying things like “It’s a clean slate all around.” A little further along they find a woodsman, crushed under a fallen tree. While scavenging they find a bit of gear to start a fire as well as a pistol, which Braithwaite hands over to Spears. I think it was this act that bought Braithwaite some of Spears trust.

Spears and Braithwaite sit around the fire, drinking the dead woodsman bottle of booze, when Braithwaite pulls out a PayDay candy bar. He’s willing to share it but Spears is allergic to nuts. As they sit there Braithwaite drops more truth bombs. He knows Spears from back in teh day, and now Spears can’t deny it. Braithwaite knows him and his brother both. It’s at the end of this interaction that we first here them pledge that bygones are bygones.

When Braithwaite wants to see how badly hurt Spears is, Spears starts throwing punches and ends up getting his ass knocked out as repayment.

When Braithwaite wakes Spears up, its dark, pouring rain, and then we hear Zombies and a horse in the distance. As they are moving through woods Braithwaite tells Spears about his cabin. There is food, guns, and ammo, they just need to live long enough to get there.

As they are walking they find strange symbols in the trees and get a little spooked. It’s not long before they get run down by a small horde and are forced to shoot, which brings more Zombies. They rush through the woods until they find a cabin to shelter in. Great right? Well, maybe not so much. The place is covered in crazy scribbles.

Crazy Ramblings

When they see blood dripping from upstairs they draw their weapons and go to clear the 2nd floor only to find an old man surrounded by the bodies of what look like cult followers.

Spears then asks the old man something prophetic:

Couldn’t Take The Shot?

The next morning Braithwaite and Spears walk out to a mostly dry riverbed. As they are standing there talking Spears remembers Braithwaite. In another life Spears, or Little James, put two bullets in Braithwaite as he drank a lemonade. Braithwaite goes on to say he’s no longer a vengeful person, bygones after all.

Spears seems to struggle with the knowledge, thinking it means he may need to finish the job as the White Horse comes walking up the riverbed. We see Spears put the revolver to the back to Brathwaite’s head before the other man walks away, never looking back.

Watching White Horse for a second time it was very clear that Braithwaite knew who Spears was the whole time. What was his motivation? Wouldn’t he have known or guessed that Spears would see him as a threat? Was this his effort to get some form of internal closure? It sounds like he might not have been the nicest guy back in the day, or was it just that he was alone and Spears was that rare bit of throwback to the time before? Let me know what you think in the comments.

White Horse was an intense, well written, story that detailed how the world changed how two men saw each other. In the end Spears let Braithwaite walk away, and the two went their separate ways. White Horse earned every one of its 88 points, making it Worth Your Time.

What cost it a few points? Mostly the lack of more Zombies and the lack of explanation as to why Brathwaite played what was a very dangerous game of “Do you remember me?” with a man who was a known killer.

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
11Human Flow85
13Summer School70
17The Tunnel83
18The Stadium91
21The Cold95
23Card Game91
24Cold War83
25White Horse88
27The Lodge75
28The Plane99


Cold War begins with a warning. Life can be stressful, if you need help, please get help. Visit https://www.wannatalkaboutit.com/ to find support. Take the first step.

Cold War opens with the band of well armed men closing in on the house. They start out in stealth mode but that doesn’t last long. The Zombie who’s been running around outside the house charges, and gets lit up, alerting the occupants of the house that they are about to be joined by newcomers. The brave men use Sun as a distraction, telling her to wave a bit of cloth.

Inside, Rose sends Anna upstairs while she plans on defending the 1st floor. Freddie desperately wants a gun, and then to surrender, but Rose isn’t taking any chances with a grouped of armed men around Anna. After Anna takes a shot the well armed group lights up the house, hitting Freddie in the process. This is when Rose does something cruel, gut genius. What do you do with someone who is wounded and likely do die and turn into a Zombie?

Stair Diving

It’s not nice, but Rose just put a deadly guard in the basement.

Black Summer, Season 2

Lucky for Rose and Anna the second group of survivors shows up while they are being attacked, causing a three way shootout. Much easier to survive when there are lots of different people shooting at each other, instead of them all shooting at you.

Which brings one unfortunate soul into the basement where Freddie gets a little too close and personal.

Outside the main group of well armed men have made it to the house and breached through a window. The combat scenes are just so well done, and I like how there isn’t much hesitation about what needs to happen after someone is bit.

Poor Sun is caught in the crossfire, here hands cuffed together as she just tries to avoid getting shot or bit. Even after she saves one of the militia, they still treat her like a prisoner.

Breach takes us back to the initial attack and Anna taking the shot that ends up getting the house lit up. Then Rose comes up, already having dumped Freddie down the stairs.

The militia comes in and begins to sweep the house has Rose and Anna hide in the tub. Lucky for them, they get found first by the guy I thought was Spears hiding in the house – but wasn’t. For some reason the militia let him leave and give him a chance to offer Rose and Anna a guide to the airstrip. He says he knows the pilot, and can get them there. Why? It’s not really clear, but he does seem as if he is a bit delayed. I do like his mittens though.

Near the end of Cold War we hear the plane overhead again, which I guess draws everyone else off to try and follow it? Why else would the house that was just swarming with gunmen be empty as Rose and Anna leave?

I’m giving Cold War an 83/100. The violence and story are great, but I hate how the timeline keeps switching back and forth. The sparse dialogue is also a pro and a con. It focuses you on the story and the stark visuals, but it also leaves a bit of a gap as to why and how everyone keeps navigating to the same locations. Finding out who is airdropping supplies seems like a good idea, but why are the survivors just immediately opening fire on each other? It seems like a bad strategy when the majority of the population are dead and trying to eat you.

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
11Human Flow85
13Summer School70
17The Tunnel83
18The Stadium91
21The Cold95
23Card Game91
24Cold War83
25White Horse88
27The Lodge75
28The Plane99

ZOMBIE MOVIES – A Little Bit Zombie (2012)

A Little Bit Zombie’s description teases an interesting mix o genres:

Infected by a virus, a mild mannered HR manager attempts to fulfill his overwhelming desire for brains, all while trying to keep it together so as not to incur the wrath of his bridezilla-to-be.

A Little Bit Zombie

Is it a Zombie movie? Sure, there are Zombies in it.

It it a wedding move? Kind of, there is a bridezilla in it, but she does turn out to be a good woman, at least in my twisted estimating.

Is it a comedy? It made me chuckle a few times, but there weren’t really a ton of belly laughs.

If you’re like me you are going to immediately recognize Stephen McHattie who plays Max. He’s been in a ton of television and movies roles. I’d say he’s not super famous, but he’s just such a prolific actor that you recognize him regardless of what he’s in.

I Can’t Shoot Through You

The plot is a little hokey. A fly bites our soon to be married groom, which forces his sister, brother in law, and bridezilla to cope with what he’s become.

the acting was good and the dialogue was well written. As a popcorn movie this made me smile quite a few times and even laughed once or twice, which is why A Little Bit Zombie earned a 78/100. If you like hordes of Zombies eating people, this isn’t’ for you, but if your looking for something that a group of Zombiephile and NonZombiephile alike might watch together, this just might be it.

Zombieland2010100Comedy / Action
World War Z2013100Action / Infection
Night Of The Living Dead1968100Action / Horror / Classics
Dawn Of The Dead1978100Action / Horror / Classics
#Alive2020100Action / Infection
28 Days Later2002100Action / Infection
Train To Busan2016100Action / Infection
Flesh And Blood201899Shorts
Serenity200599Action / Sci-Fi
The Girl With All The Gifts201695Action / Infection
Land Of The Dead200594Action / Horror
Resident Evil: Apocalypse200493Action / Infection
Resident Evil200292Action / Infection
Rampant201891Action / Infection / Mid Evil
Day of the Dead200890Action / Infection
Cooties201489Comedy / Action
The Return of the Living Dead198585Comedy / Action
Night of the Comet198485Comedy / Action
Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula 202084Action / Infection
Zombieland: Double Tap201983Comedy / Action
Fido200682Comedy / Action
Shaun Of The Dead200481Comedy / Action
I Am Legend (2007)200780Action / Infection
The Evil Dead198180Classic / Action
28 Weeks Later200780Action / Infection
Zombie197980Action / Horror
It Stains The Sands Red201679Action / Infection
Infection201979Action / Infection
Overlord201879Action / Horror
A Little Bit Zombie201278Comedy / Action
Plan Z201678Action / Infection
Dead Rising: Endgame201677Action / Infection
Day of the Dead198577Action / Horror / Classics
The Dead201076Action / Infection
Freaks of Nature201576Comedy / Action
Cockneys Vs. Zombies201275Comedy / Action
Here Alone201675Suspense / Infection
Shed of the Dead 201974Comedy / Action
The Battery201274Drama / Infection
Survival Of The Dead200973Action / Horror
Alone202073Action / Infection
State of Emergency201173Action / Infection
Dance of the Dead 200872Comedy / Action
Dawning of the Dead201772Action / Infection
Remains201172Action / Infection
The Rezort201572Action / Infection
Witness Infection202171Comedy / Action
The Army of the Dead202171Action / Infection
Daylight's End201671Action / Infection
Dead Rising: Watchtower 201570Action / Infection
For A Few Zombies More201570Action / Infection
Zombie Hunter201370Action / Infection
Zombie Night201370Action / Infection
The Dead 2: India201570Action / Infection
Resident Evil: Afterlife201070Action / Infection
Night of the Living Deb201570Comedy / Romance
Bird Box201869Action / Horror / Possession
Exit Humanity201169Action / Infection
Blood Quantum201968Action / Infection
Ravenous201768Action / Infection
Republic Z201868Action / Comedy
Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse201567Comedy / Action
The Night Eats The World201867Suspense / Infection
Ultimate Zombie Feast202066Shorts/ Action
How To Kill A Zombie201466Action / Comedy
Trench 11201766Action / Horror
Cargo201766Suspense / Infection
Zombie Town200765Action / Horror
Zoombies201665Awesomely Bad
Zombie Apocalypse201164Action / Infection
Red Spring201763Action / Infection
Resident Evil: Extinction200762Action / Infection
Resident Evil Retribution201261Action / Infection
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter201660Action / Infection
Life After Beth201459Comedy / Action
Diary Of The Dead200758Action / Horror
Revelation Trail201357Action / Horror
My Mates vs. The Zombie Apocalypse201556Comedy / Action
Deadsight201855Suspense / Infection
Anna And The Apocalypse201755Musical / Infection
Bong of the Living Dead201754Action / Infection
The Dead Undead201053Action / Infection
Deadheads201152Comedy / Romance
Day of the Dead: Bloodline201851Action / Infection
Dead Don't Die in Dallas201951Action / Infection / LGBTQ
Disaster L.A.201450Action
Road Wars201550Action / Infection
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Savageland201546Horror / Drama
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Before Dawn201341Drama / Action
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Zombie Diaries 2201135Action / Infection
KL24: Zombies201734Action / Infection
Antisocial 2201533Action / Infection
Antisocial201332Action / Infection
By Day's End202031Suspense / Infection
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Attack of the Southern Fried Zombies201729Comedy / Action
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The Mad200719Comedy / Infection
The Living Dead202018Horror / Drama
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Killer Weekend201816Comedy / Not Zombies
G Zombie202115Drama / Infection
Quarantine L.A.201314Action / Infection
Driven202013Drama / Suspense
The Hive201412Demonic Possession / Horror
The Horde201611Action / Gore
The Last Starship201710Action / Infection
Rise of the Zombie20139Drama / Action
Flu20138Infection / Not Zombies
Red Days20167Action / Infection
The Returned20136Drama / Romance
Apocalypse Nerds20125Comedy / Action
Zombie with a Shotgun20194 Infection / Drama
Soon Enough20183Action / Drama
Range 1520162Comedy / Action
Pandemic20091Drama / Action
Eyes Of The Dead20151Action / Infection
Broadcast Dead 20180Horror / Thriller
Afflicted20130Drama / Infection
Dead End20030Horror / Thriller


The Manor opens with a bit of strange childhood competitive ranting as Freddie’s mom discusses her two sons. This is just before Rose and Anna show up and Freddie lets them in. I can’t help but think as Rose enters of the bloody house we saw in Episode 1.

Episode 1 Body In The Manor

I’m hoping and guessing we are going to get to see how that body got there. Freddie’s mom seems like a complete trainwreck. There seems to be multiple groups inside the house. Freddie’s mom and her two sons are one group, then we have the group who has a radio and can talk to the plane, and of course Rose and Anna as the third.

Black Summer, Season 2

The Radio Group says there are crates out there – which I think is why that group ends up in the gunfight. Did I mention I hate the reversal chronology crap? Just let simple folks like me watch it in the order it happened in.

As Anna hits the head, I think we see Spears hiding upstairs? Would he know their voices from across floors? Freddie’s brother wants Rose to go with the crate retrieval group, but Rose basically shuts that down. I completely understand. There is no way I’d leave my kid in the Zombie Apocalypse.

Freddie asks to play the Card Game that Rose and Anna are playing, but he can’t quite get the hang of it, which is when we get to hear his creepy line about Rose smelling good.

How Do You Smell So Good?

I’m glad it was said when it was, I was scared it was going to be a lot more rapey.

Shortly after, we see our Crate Retrieval expert race away on his snowmobile, barely dodging the lone Zombie living around the house. Why wouldn’t they just lure it to a door and stab it in the head or shoot it?

As night falls those inside the house get jumpy, resulting in a short standoff.

Just A Bit Jumpy

Even after a little bit of food is shared out Freddie’s brother is still being a paranoid prick. He’s convinced that our Crate Retriever’s girl is lying to him, and he’s acting erratically. When they hear the plane again overhead he forces the young woman to radio, even though she isn’t supposed to.

When they give up on the radio our lady friend finds her axe is missing. never touch a ladies axe unless she invites you!

Shortly after we see Freddie go out to grab some wood – which is when his brother screws him over, forcing him to stay outside until he brings wood back – which is exactly how Freddie ends up in a tree.

Inside Freddie’s brother is paranoid as ever. He wants to know where the Crate Retriever went as well as where the axe went, all while attacking his brother to their mother, and Freddie’s mom is just a pure sweetheart:

So Useless

When Freddie’s brother hears the radio he rushes upstairs, convinced the young woman was talking to someone, which gets her shot, which unleashes a Zombie inside the house. This turns into a mad fight as no one seems to have a gun on them. At least until Rose takes care of business, taking out our Zombie, and then the Old Lady who was bitten before she can turn as well. It’s not 100% who did the shooting either. I think Rose took out the first Zombie and then Anna maybe did the second? Unfortunately Freddie’s mom and a-hole brother are still alive at this point.

Rose, ever the good mom, gives Anna the little bit of food they have left. The survivors all look like they are emotionally done, and the only thing that gets Freddie’s brother off the couch is the sound of the radio on the second floor. He rushes upstairs and can hear someone talking, but he trashes the radio when the garbled speaker doesn’t respond to him. I’d say long term planning isn’t his strength.

When Freddie’s brother goes downstairs Rose and Mom are in a fight that quickly turns deadly:

I’m Fine

I love how calm and collected Anna is after she’s just murdered someone. Is that strange? I think that to survive in that world you’d need to be prepared to kill in a heartbeat, and kids adapt quicker than adults. I just hope they don’t ruin Anna like the writers did with Carl in TWD.

Upstairs we see Spears, walking slowly, eyes wide, the axe in his hands. He walks down the hall until we Rose and Anna’s lower bodies, sleeping in bed, just before the episode ends.

Card Game is a hard episode to score. At one level I hate that the Zombies didn’t play a more important part, but on another I was kinda holding my breath all episode, so I guess that says something about how well it was done, which is why Card Game is getting a 91/100, making it Worth Your Time.

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
11Human Flow85
13Summer School70
17The Tunnel83
18The Stadium91
21The Cold95
23Card Game91
24Cold War83
25White Horse88
27The Lodge75
28The Plane99


FYI, spoilers below…

Prelude opens with a man packing in his garage, desperately grabbing what he can before venturing into the attached home with his baseball bat held at the ready. He doesn’t get far before he stumbles on his family, now Zombies, and runs upstairs instead of giving them mercy.

Black Summer, Season 2

Outside the sirens blare and we see people running. It looks like we have once again taken a step back in time. The man slowly takes off his ring before heading out into the blood covered hallways of his home.

We then jump over to Anna begging to be let into a store. She immediately lets Spears and her mother in. Anna was the bait.

Out on the street we see the team reunited. Spears, Sun, Rose, and Anna are together at this point (which I believe is pre Episode 1 – those god damn tricky producers). As they move down the street, forced to walk after their car’s gas was siphoned off by unknown scavengers, we once again hear and then see the plane in the sky overhead.


Yep, that’s clearly a plane!

We then see the well armed group from Episode 1, and I’m guessing we are eventually going to find out how Sun became a prisoner, as well as why Rose asked Freddie if she “still smelled good”.

Team Rose runs as the well armed gang hunts them through the town. Spears gets his gunshot wound offscreen before Sun pushes him down the ravine – probably saving him. She gives up to save Spears.

Sun Captured

So why are these heavily armed men hunting other survivors? They clearly have gas and guns, why put themselves in harms way hunting scavengers?

We then cut to two men in a pickup as they drive into an ambush, which is how we get introduced to the less well armed group we saw battling the gun crew in Episode 1.

The next scene opens with a man checking out a car as the wind and snow blow outside. It is very cold out. Is that Freddie? I think it is but its really dark out. No, I think its the two guys from the very beginning who end up in the chase before they both get sniped. I did like that Friend 1 straps wounded Friend 2 down before they go to sleep – because if he dies in his sleep and turns, you know, it would be bad. Unfortunately for Friend 2, it’s not long before his body dies, turns, and breaks free of his belt.

We then see Spears, wounded and breathing heavily as that pesky plane flies overhead again. As Spears takes a rest we see a shape coming ever closer, marching across the snow landscape. Spears gets up and starts walking, his wound clearly slowing him down as he watches the figure approaching from behind. It doesn’t look like a Zombie to me – but I guess anyone following you in that world would be a bad sign. Things only get worse for spears as he stands on an icy ledge that gives out, giving him yet another rough ride down a hill. At the bottom he finds a lot of bodies, frozen or killed by violence? Nope, just frozen Zombies. As Spears borrows a pair of gloves from one of the mostly frozen Undead, his stalker stops at the top of the hill and watches.

Meanwhile Rose and Anna have found the house, and begin to approach it when a Zombie comes snarling down the lane. Lucky for Rose and Anna, the Undead are pretty dumb. Rose and Anna want into the house, and Rose risks a shot, but misses.

Shots Fired, And It’s A Miss

Lucky for Rose and Anna, the missed shot distracted the Zombie long enough for them to run to the door. When it opens we find the less well armed group is already inside. Thus ends Episode 2.

Prelude was full of suspense and had a lot of good plot and background, but it didn’t have a lot of Zombie violence in it, or much violence at all, which was a huge switch up when compared to Episode 1, which is costing it some points, 20 to be exact. Prelude is still well Worth Your Time at 80/100.

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
11Human Flow85
13Summer School70
17The Tunnel83
18The Stadium91
21The Cold95
23Card Game91
24Cold War83
25White Horse88
27The Lodge75
28The Plane99


It is finally here, I’ve been waiting since Netflix announced Season 2!!! Black Summer has returned.

Black Summer, Season 2

Scene 1 Luke And Sophie

The Cold opens with a brutal reminder of just how deadly the Black Summer world is. A lone survivor is siphoning gas, a Zombie in the distance as he takes what he can get, using a KFC bucket to collect some fuel. He makes it back into his car and starts to drive off when life goes sideways. It is an awesome, in your face reminder of how harsh this world is.

Scene 2 Four Months Later

The view shifts to a snowy landscape, and we see an aircraft drop supplies to someone waiting below.


Who is dropping the supplies? We don’t know yet. Who is going to pick them up? Don’t know that yet either – but we do quickly get introduced to a man fleeing across the snow, a Zombie in slow pursuit behind him. It is a cruel world, and when our fleeing man thinks he’s been saved, well, he finds out that he isn’t.

Dead Men In The Snow

Scene 3 Ambush

Time jumps backwards to the next scene…

We then get introduced to a new band of survivors, or two bands of survivors who are duking it out. Things are chaotic. As men and woman die they quickly turn into the Undead and get back on their feet, attacking anyone nearby.

When the more heavily armed group flees in vehicles we find those left behind are a ragged group of cold, starving people who just want a chance at survival.

Scene 4 Prisoners

Time jumps backwards to the next scene…

The well armed group is interrogating a man. He just happens to be the Zombie from Scene 2. We then see the beginning of the battle, mostly from the viewpoint of a young Asian woman. I think that is Sun? It’s so hard to tell because they don’t say a lot of names and everyone has aged/weathered since Season 1. We then loop back to the airdrop. The well armed group didn’t flee, they appear to look up and try to chase it? Which leads them to the sniper house.

Scene 5 The Dead

Are we back in current time? I don’t know, but we see a man stuck in a tree. When he gets a chance he picks up some firewood and flees to the house entry, begging to be let in. He did get the firewood after all.

Rose greets him with a shotgun, and she struggles with whether she should let him in or not. He promises that “what’s done is done” before she relends, agreeing to let him stay to help build a fire and remove the bodies.

As Rose enters the room we get introduced to our sniper:

Teenage Sniper

Even better, we find out that Rose found her daughter. Rose then gives the Freddie a very important speech. Look at Anna (Rose’s daughter) and you die. We don’t know exactly what happened before, but it’s clear Rose had some interactions with Freddie and his group. We also see that Rose was the one doing the sniping, or at least its implied. We also hear the plane again, making me uncertain as to whether this is all occurring before Scene 2?

Scene 6 Ditched

A man wakes up on the floor of the woods. He’s hurt and struggling, a bullet wound in his side as he climbs up a ravine to the street. We see a mountain in the distance as he starts to stumble towards it. Is that Spears? I think that is Spears!

Scene 7 Lemons

We jump back to Scene 1, with the driver who betrayed our original car owner waking up after his collision with a cop car. He’s hurt and when he sees a door close nearby he begs for whoever is inside to let him in. He’s persistent, at least until he hears a shotgun rack. and he flees, scavenging the local cop cars until he meets his final fate.

Overall I’m giving The Cold a 95/100. The brutality of the whole episode was just awesome. I took five points off for the reverse chronology of the scenes giving me a headache. Even so, this is definitely Worth Your Time.

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
11Human Flow85
13Summer School70
17The Tunnel83
18The Stadium91
21The Cold95
23Card Game91
24Cold War83
25White Horse88
27The Lodge75
28The Plane99


The Hurt Stalker opens with Liv sneaking back into her apartment, only to be caught by her roommate Gilda, who happens to also have had a thing with Major as well. Gilda doesn’t play nice either, she puts the thought in the back of Liv’s head that getting back together with an ex never works.

Shamble Of Shame

We then get introduced to our victim, a woman who gets attacked, fights back, and then gets shot in the back just when we thought she had the upper hand. When Clive gets there, he admits that not only does he know the deceased, but the gun they pull out from under the car is also his. Looks like Clive might be in trouble.

Back in Vaughn Du Clark’s office his daughter Gilda is not happy that Major and Liv are getting back together, but she can’t get her father to be concerned that their Zombie Hunter is in a relationship with Liv, a known Zombie. We then get taken down into the basement where the Max Rager evil scientists have created a super serum that makes the undead faster and stronger. Seems like a good plan right?

On the murder front, things are getting worse. The victim has an angry message from Clive on her phone, and the detective who took over is already convinced that Clive is guilty. We then get to see Liv make Brains on a Log, complete with peanut butter.

Brain, Peanut Butter, Celery Log

Right after Liv chows down we find out that the deceased was a stalker who barely had a relationship with Clive, but was also crazily involved with him. Now Liv has crazy stalker brains on board, poor Major.

Clive isn’t having such a good day either. He has been suspended, and then has to deal with Ravi as he explains what a Badge Bunny is.

She Wanted To Hold My Gun

Liv and Ravi track down a woman owns a dry cleaning company who’s wedding was ruined by the dead victim. While talking to the dry cleaner’s husband Liv get’s a vision. The dry cleaner’s husband has been a bad boy.

Back at home Liv shares that she found “Rita’s” desperate texts with Gilda, and Gilda is not happy to hear that Major said Rita threw herself at him. Gilda encourages Liv to get even with Major, maybe hoping she will eat him? Or at least his brains.

Out on the trail, Liv ends up in Chief Walt Price’s car. Apparently our victim also had a relationship with the Chief and he will do just about anything to try and keep the news from getting out. Unfortunately for Liv, she gets caught, and put in jail.

Dead Woman Walking

Back at Max Rager, Vaughn Du Clark is taking his own strength serum, and while it does make him strong, it also makes him angry. Just the thing to give to your Zombie Hunter.

The Hurt Stalker ends with Liv and Ravi busting the dry cleaner and her brother, putting Clive in the clear. The episode ends with Liv fighting the stalker brain, even as Major’s phone rings with a message from Rita. Liv tries to fight it, but she can’t, and Rita sends a scantily clad picture to Major, bringing tears to Liv’s eyes.

The Hurt Stalker scores a 90/100. It got extra points for the hilarious innuendo and the jealous Gilda and Liv interactions. Liv was on crazy stalker brains, but Gilda might as well have been as well.

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
12Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?70
13The Exterminator71
14Liv and Let Clive75
15Flight of the Living Dead71
16Virtual Reality Bites76
17Maternity Liv75
18Dead Air66
19Patriot Brains74
110Mr. Berserk77
111 Astroburger72
112Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat73
113Blaine's World80
21Grumpy Old Liv80
22Zombie Bro80
23Real Dead Housewife of Seattle85
24Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues70
25Love & Backetball81
26Max Wager75
27Abra Cadaver85
28The Hurt Stalker90