iZombie , Season 1, Episode 8

Dead Air opens with Liv making some very suggestive noises, but don’t worry, its just Lowell giving her a foot rub. The funny thing is this took me back a few decades (wish I was kidding). I think the first time I heard the phrase Le Petit Mort was while reading The Joy of Sex as a teen. Unfortunately for Liv, she’s just getting a foot rub, no matter how good she fakes the vocal.

Le Petit Mort

As Liv is sitting in her car we find out that even if this episode opened with a foot rub, Liv is definitely getting some. You go girl!

Foot Rubs

While Liv is getting foot rubs Ravi is waiting at the police station to pick up Major. Fortunately for Major, Peyton has his back and gets Major out on some paperwork technicalities. Unfortunately for Major, he’s also had the snot beat out of him.

Majorly Beat Up

With Major sprung from jail, Ravi has to tell him that the missing bodies of his street kids have been found at the house owned by the animal control officer in Maternity Liv.

When we get back from the commercial break Clive, Liv, and Ravi have caught a body. A popular talk radio show host has been electrocuted, and her last call was from a woman who claims she’d been cheated on.

Back at the ME’s office Ravi goes into check on his Zombie Rat experiment only to find that all but one of his test subjects has been eaten. Thankfully for Ravi, Liv is there to pick up the one remaining, Zombie rat and thus saves humanity.

Based on the victim’s job, and her on air feud with a rival radio station host, Clive and Liv end up interviewing Mr. Burd, but he genuinely doesn’t seem like a killer, but his wife does. Mr. Burd’s wife is a Russian mail order bride, and for the moment Mr. Burd and his wife don’t seem like the most likely murderers.

Break Up

Back at Ravi’s house, Major’s girlfriend shows up and breaks up with him, while Lieutenant Suzuki confronts Blaine. There are too many bodies, and Suzuki can’t hide them anymore.

Back at Liv’s, she gets a vision. The victim and her assistant are in a fight, but when Clive and Liv interview her, the assistant doesn’t seem like the key suspect.

After a brief discussion between Ravi and Liv, Liv’s self help improvement brain makes her go visit Major. Corrine has just broken up with him, and Liv’s brains compel her to try and help. This leads to one of the best lines from the episode when Major tries to explain his wounds.

I Can’t Talk About Fight Club

Once inside, Major hands Liv a paper, he made the police blotter. Unfortunately for Major, it cost him his job. This leads Major to explaining to Liv how he’s been hunting the Candy Man and how he found brains in Julian’s car.

Did You Say Brains?


This leads Liv to claim that it must have been cow brains, but Major doesn’t believe her. As Liv leads Major agrees to let it go, but as soon as she’s gone he’s looking at brains again online.

Once Liv leaves Major’s she goes to Lowell’s, her relationship focused brain driving her to seek some form of concrete explanation for what’s going on between her and Lowell. Lowell distracts her energy into sex, but its interrupted by a vision of the victim in bed.

The next morning Peyton wants to know who Liv’s been with which leads to Liv asking Peyton if she’s been dating, and how big his boat is.

Who Big Is His Boat?

Sadly, this always reminds me of a girl I knew when I was younger. How big is his boat would have always have two meanings. The innuendo meaning is obvious. The second was an allusion to money. She was always after what I called the BBD, the Bigger, Better, Deal, and it meant that me, who was poor, was never going to have a chance. Three decades later and it still hurts like hell.

Give Ravi A Chance

Even after Peyton tells Liv that she’s single, Liv doesn’t think that Ravi has a chance, and Liv is a complete mean b*tch when she shares the bit of data she just learned with Ravi. Ravi doesn’t take it well, and let’s Liv know he doesn’t agree.

Back on the murder front, Liv has heard a similar voice between the the “Cheated on In Chattanooga” caller and an ad, which leads Clive and Liv to one of the victims subordinates. As they continue to interview the suspect, they realize some of the facts don’t quite line up, which leads them back to the victim’s right hand.

While Liv is solving murders, Ravi is trying to find a cure for the Zombie Virus, and while he thinks his cut resistant gloves are going to save him, Mr. Zombie Rat still gets a nibble in.

Zombie Rat Bite

Dead Air ends with Liv eating some brains and eggs at Lowell’s apartment. As she’s leaving in the elevator she sees Blaine walking towards the building and has a Zombie Vision of Blaine killing her meal. The episode ends, leaving us to wait to see what happens.

Dead Air Score

Dead Air was another fun episode with a nice twist as an ending, but it wasn’t really about Zombies, so I’m going to give it a 66/100, putting it in Rainy Day Territory. If you like murder mystery, this was likely a 80/100, but I’m ranking it on a Zombie Scale.

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
Season 11Pilot90
Season 12Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?70
Season 13The Exterminator71
Season 14Liv and Let Clive75
Season 15Flight of the Living Dead71
Season 16Virtual Reality Bites76
Season 17Maternity Liv75
Season 18Dead Air66
Season 19Patriot Brains74
Season 110Mr. Berserk77
Season 111 Astroburger72
Season 112Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat73
Season 113Blaine's World80
Season 21Grumpy Old Liv80
Season 22Zombie Bro80
Season 23Real Dead Housewife of Seattle85
Season 24Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues70
Season 25Love & Backetball81
Season 26Max Wager75
Season 27Abra Cadaver85
Season 28The Hurt Stalker90
Season 29Cape Town88
Season 210Method Head75
Season 211Fifty Shades of Grey Matter85
Season 212Physician, Heal Thy Selfie70
Season 213The Whopper85
Season 214Eternal Sunshine of the Caffeinated Mind69
Season 215He Blinded Me With Science81
Season 216Pour Some Sugar, Zombie82
Season 217Reflections of the Way Liv Used to Be83

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