ZOMBIE SERIES – Z NATION, SEASON 2, EPISODE 10, We Were Nowhere Near the Grand Canyon

We Were Nowhere Near the Grand Canyon finds the team cruising along the highway in Nevada when Citizen Z makes contact.

Citizen Z: “Well people. If we weren’t already in an apocalypse, this would be a damn obvious sign. What do you call something worse than an apocalypse? Because this is it. Whatever it is. Swarm. Horde. Zunami. There is no end in sight.”


Unfortunately for Team Murphy, their RV breaks down, leaving them searching for help or a replacement. Doc and 10K end up being taken captive by Native Americans while Murphy, Warren, and Vasquez end up at a Native American casino.

While the team works through their issues with Native American hosts, trying to get them to believe a massive horde is coming, Citizen Z is dealing with one of the remaining fast zombies at Camp Northern Light. This leads to what for me was clearly the Best Zombie Kill of the episode.

After asking Warren for help to use a rocket, Citizen Z makes an epic kill with an anti tank weapon. And yes, the battery unit was down his pants so he could warm it up enough to make the shot.

Anti Tank Zombie Shot

Things are looking pretty grim for Team Murphy and their new Native Americans friends (after a rough start). There is a massive Zunami coming, and it is going to swarm everything in its path.

The episode ends with Warren telling Murphy he’s going to have to pick a world to live in, and to remember that the humans are trying to save him, while the zombies are trying to eat him.

Thankfully Doc is a genius and looking at a cave paining of buffalo and it reminds him of how the Native Americans hunted in ages past.

We Were Nowhere Near the Grand Canyon becomes a staple comment in future episodes across multiple seasons and it was a fun episode that scored a 72/100.

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
11Puppies and Kittens95
12Fracking Zombies80
13Philly Feast80
14Full Metal Zombie81
15Home Sweet Zombie75
16Resurrection Z81
17Welcome to the Fu-Bar83
19Die Zombie Die… Again29
110Going Nuclear79
111Sisters Of Mercy82
112Murphy's Law80
113Doctor of the Dead91
21The Murphy90
22White Light81
23Zombie Road90
24Batch 4760
26Zombie Baby Daddy86
27Down The Mississippi87
28The Collector63
210We Were Nowhere Near the Grand Canyon72
211Corporate Retreat85
212Party with the Zeros64
213Adiós, Muchachos69
214Day 190
215All Good Things Must Come to an End 94
31No Mercy90
32A New Mission77
33Murphy's Miracle80
34Escorpion and the Red Hand70
35Little Red and the Wolfz79
36Doc Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest73
37Welcome to Murphytown 67
38Election Day80
39Heart of Darkness70
310They Grow Up So Quickly85
311Doc’s Angels70
312The Siege of Murphytown70
314Everybody Dies in the End70

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