Corporate Retreat has one of the most awesome opening scenes ever. This is just a kick *ss few moments of Zombie Violence, and I particularly love the segment where 10K covers Doc and a through and through shot bounces off Doc’s necklace to kill another zombie.

10K kicking some serious *ss

Outside there the smoke is thick and so are the Z’s, but once Team Murphy makes it to the hotel they find themselves in the midst of a work retreat. The survivors left in the hotel were there for a conference, and they’ve been stuck in the hotel with a self help corporate guru since the Zombie Apocalypse has started.

Shortly after Team Murphy has joined the survivors in the hotel Murphy ends up shot, along with one of the hotel guests. To make things worse. the bullet went through Murphy which means the wounded hotel guest is now on the same path as Cassandra.

This leads to a crazy “trust circle” as the hotel guests and Team Murphy pass along a didgeridoo to decide who gets to talk.

After the initial “trust circle” kicks out one of the hotel guests to face the Z’s in the smoke, Doc explains how he’s been feeding the wounded man Murphy’s blood. You have to love Doc.

As Warren discusses the situation with the Corporate Retreat Leader they wander down to the kitchen to find that there is a Z in the deep freezer.

Surprise Freezer Zombie

Know what happens when Z’s are around? People get bit, and then you have more Z’s. Good thing 10K and Vasquez are both good shots or the Corporate Retreat Guests may have lost more than they did.

Shots are heard close by and the team rushes in to find that Doc has been shot at while he cared for Murphy and the now infected guest, and whomever took the shot stole the food stash and ran.

The team splits up to search the hotel, which leads to Addy and one of the female guests, Dana, being alone together. The woman seems to know something about what’s going on, and then begs Addy to take her with her while they are hiding in a closet, which leads to an amusing scene when Warren and Vasquez come up behind and clear the room.

Closet Time WIth Addy

As Dana and Addy spill out of the closet I love Warren’s “Everything all right?” comment. There is just something about the drawl that says so much more than the words.

The moment is then shattered as whoever stole the food makes some noise and draws the attention back to the main lobby. As Vasquez and Warren charge in they find themselves face to face with the Corporate Retreat Leader who’s asking them if they caught the thief?

Yes, I thought his sudden appearance was suspicious as well.

As the survivors sit in lobby, trying to make sense of everything that’s happening we get a moment where Addy and Dana are looking at each other across the room. Clearly they have a connection.

Out in the lobby the situation isn’t so good. The horde seems attracted to the hotel, and some of them are starting to break through, leading to a wonderful Glory Hole kill.

Glory Hole Kill

First the Z’s already trapped in the hotel break free of their quarantine wing, and then the glass in the lobby shatters, bringing everyone into the kitchen where Doc is performing medical experiments with his two patients. The stress and anxiety turns the survivors into a bickering mass of name calling until Warren puts her foot down.

It’s time to find out who the killer is.

Doc has been giving the wounded hotel guest Murphy blood, all so he can ask the now Zombie Guest who shot him originally, and we find out it wasn’t the Corporate Retreat Leader after all, but Dana’s hotel beau instead, who wants Dana to leave with them. The look on Addy’s face is shock and pain. At lead Dana had the good grace to say she never wanted anyone to get hurt. Well Dana, Addy got hurt! (And some people where shot and killed, but Addy got hurt!!!)

Revenge is taken however as the Zombie Guest takes Doc’s gun and kills the grocery thief, then gets shot in return.

This is just about when Murphy wakes up from his concussion and the story quickly wrap up. With Murphy awake the zombies are released from whatever was pulling them to the hotel, and Ziggy ends up back at the door, covered in gore. They thought he was the killer originally and exiled him, but he did just find with his hammer.

Iggy Returns

The Corporate Retreat Leader pays for his decision by getting his head crushed with his talking stick. Good for you Iggy!

Corporate Retreat ends with a little bit of a heartache.

Addy and Dana Say Goodbye

There is clearly longing here for Addy, but she doesn’t really trust Dana for good reason, but still, you can’t just force a feeling to stop. They say their goodbyes, and they both hope they get to see each other again. Sadly, there was no kiss. Come on, be brave, show a peck on the lips or a hug, right? Then Addy climbs into the van to find all eyes on her.

Corporate Retreat scored an 85/100. It opened with some solid action and then kept the pace and mystery up throughout, making it Worth Your Time.

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
11Puppies and Kittens95
12Fracking Zombies80
13Philly Feast80
14Full Metal Zombie81
15Home Sweet Zombie75
16Resurrection Z81
17Welcome to the Fu-Bar83
19Die Zombie Die… Again29
110Going Nuclear79
111Sisters Of Mercy82
112Murphy's Law80
113Doctor of the Dead91
21The Murphy90
22White Light81
23Zombie Road90
24Batch 4760
26Zombie Baby Daddy86
27Down The Mississippi87
28The Collector63
210We Were Nowhere Near the Grand Canyon72
211Corporate Retreat85
212Party with the Zeros64
213Adiós, Muchachos69
214Day 190
215All Good Things Must Come to an End 94
31No Mercy90
32A New Mission77
33Murphy's Miracle80
34Escorpion and the Red Hand70
35Little Red and the Wolfz79
36Doc Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest73
37Welcome to Murphytown 67
38Election Day80
39Heart of Darkness70
310They Grow Up So Quickly85
311Doc’s Angels70
312The Siege of Murphytown70
314Everybody Dies in the End70

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