Zombie Movies – Here Alone (2016)

Here Alone is the story of a woman surviving in the woods, hunted by the undead while haunted by the loss of her husband and child.

While trying to survive, she rescues a teenage girl and her stepfather, which leads of course to tension. Do they stay together? What are the new dynamics with three people trying to survive together?

If you like a suspenseful, emotionally driven thriller where the monsters are heard than seen, Here Alone is a good movie for you. If you prefer ravaging hordes with lots of action, you should pass. Overall, Here Alone scores a solid 75/100.

28 Days Later2002100Action / Infection
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Zombieland2010100Comedy / Action
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Here Alone201675Suspense / Infection
The Rezort201572Action / Infection
The Dead 2: India201570Action / Infection
Bird Box201869Action / Horror / Possession
Ravenous201768Action / Infection
The Night Eats The World201867Suspense / Infection
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Zoombies201665Awesomely Bad
Disaster L.A.201450Action
Dead 7201631Action / Infection
Pandemic201630Action / Infection
Eyes Of The Dead20151Action / Infection
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