ZOMBIE MOVIES – Exit Humanity (2011)

I love the premise of Exit Humanity, Malcolm Young is reading his ancestors diary, and when you hear his voice you will immediately recognize Brian Cox’s voice from any of a number of movies (Red, Red 2, Bourne Identity, Super Troopers etc). It is just after the civil war, and the undead have ravaged the land.

Edward Young returns from the war to find his family has already been eaten. Edward decides he must take his son’s ashes to a waterfall he had told the boy about before the war, it is a place of peace for Edward.

On the way, he meets another survivor, only to find out that the war isn’t quite over yet. Isaac’s sister has been taken, and he needs Edward’s help to rescue her from a General trying to use the Undead to continue the fight against the north.

The filming and action is top notch. The zombies are well done and die with appropriate levels of gore. So why did Exit Humanity earn a 69/100? First of all let me say the movie is enjoyable to watch, but there were a few things which could have made it even better.

There are potential spoilers below, so stop reading here until you watch the movie…

  1. The first 30 minutes could have been condensed down to 5. I know its character development – but its a zombie movie for god’s sake, lets get to the zombies.
  2. The suicide scene was a little over the top. I get it, his wife and child were bitten and turned. Again, its a zombie movie, so we don’t need agonizing emotional development.
  3. Too much story development at times, the movie could have been cut down and focused on the zombies, which I think would have made it a better movie in the long run.
  4. Concentrate more on the zombies!!!!
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