Zombie Movies – The Night Eats The World (2018)

The Night Eats The World gets off to a good start. A man goes to his ex girlfriends to pick up things she accidentally took when she moved out. When he gets to her new apartment there is a massive party going on, and instead of just giving him his things, she gets pulled into the revelry and he ends up falling asleep at the far end of a sprawling apartment.

When he wakes up he finds the apartment has been trashed, and the walls are covered in blood. He’s lucky though. The undead followed others out of the apartment and he was able to lock the door before any made it back inside.

The good start ends about there.

After he manages to secure his girlfriends apartment he works on clearing the other apartments.

The undead themselves are creepy and violent. There just isn’t enough of them. The movie is very much about the survivor’s ability to cope with being alone.

The Night Eats The World had huge potential but it fell a little short. With a little more action and a slightly different ending this could have been a great movie instead of just a good one.

At a 67/100 I’m going to say save it for a rainy day.

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