ZOMBIE MOVIES – Another World (2014)

When Another World started I was so psyched. It had all the things I want in a zombie movie. It is the end of the world, the undead are roaming and humanity is on the brink of dying. The two main characters have a mission, and it is simpler, kill as many of the undead as they can. They set up ambushes, lure the undead in, and then blow the hell out of the biters.

I honestly could have watched a movie just built around that simple, hunt and kill, premise. As the duo moves on to another target, the female leads enter the picture. They aren’t the reason the movie takes a turn for the worse, at least not directly, but when they join, the conversations get more involved, and the writer/director felt the need to try and give the characters “deeper motivations”. How did that work out? Let me graph for it for:

Did I need to add the color? No, but I liked the way it looked. This movie did not need a complicated back story. It was a Zombie Movie and should have been about surviving, and killing zombies. We didn’t need the additional, very predictable, origin story. This movie would have been so much better if it just followed the pattern set in the first ten or fifteen minutes of the movie. Survivors find other survivors, they train them how to fight, and then the movie ends with an epic zombie horde coming down on the survivors.

This was a budget movie, but the fight scenes were well done. If Another World had gone a slightly different direction, it could have been a sleeper hit, but as it was, it reached too far, and fell flat on its face.

So how did it rank overall? I’m giving it a 35/100, but the honest truth is that 34 of those points are just because of the first fifteen minutes of the movie.

Zombieland2010100Comedy / Action
Train To Busan2016100Action / Infection
28 Days Later2002100Action / Infection
Serenity200599Action / Sci-Fi
Flesh And Blood201899Action / Infection
The Girl With All The Gifts201695Action / Infection
Rampant201891Action / Infection / Mid Evil
Day of the Dead200890Action / Infection
Night of the Comet198485Comedy / Action
The Return of the Living Dead198585Comedy / Action
Zombieland: Double Tap201983Comedy / Action
Shaun Of The Dead200481Comedy / Action
28 Weeks Later200780Action / Infection
I Am Legend (2007)200780Action / Infection
Overlord201879Action / Horror
Plan Z201678Action / Infection
The Dead201076Action / Infection
Freaks of Nature201576Comedy / Action
Here Alone201675Suspense / Infection
Shed of the Dead 201974Comedy / Action
State of Emergency201173Action / Infection
Dance of the Dead 200872Comedy / Action
The Rezort201572Action / Infection
Daylight's End201671Action / Infection
For A Few Zombies More201570Action / Infection
Zombie Night201370Action / Infection
Dead Rising: Watchtower 201570Action / Infection
The Dead 2: India201570Action / Infection
Zombie Hunter201370Action / Infection
Bird Box201869Action / Horror / Possession
Exit Humanity201169Action / Infection
Ravenous201768Action / Infection
The Night Eats The World201867Suspense / Infection
Trench 11201766Action / Horror
Zoombies201665Awesomely Bad
Zombie Apocalypse201164Action / Infection
Red Spring201763Action / Infection
Anna And The Apocalypse201755Musical / Infection
Bong of the Living Dead201754Action / Infection
Day of the Dead: Bloodline201851Action / Infection
Dead Don't Die in Dallas201951Action / Infection / LGBTQ
Disaster L.A.201450Action
Within the Woods of Undead County201649Action / Infection
I Am Alone201548Action / Infection
Valentine DayZ201847Action / Infection / Awesomely Bad
Savageland201546Horror / Drama
Hostile201740Action / Infection
Another World201435Action / Infection
KL24: Zombies201734Action / Infection
Antisocial 2201533Action / Infection
Antisocial201332Action / Infection
Dead 7201631Action / Infection
Pandemic201630Action / Infection
Last Rites Of The Dead201920Drama / Thriller
The Horde201611Action / Gore
Zombie with a Shotgun20194 Infection / Drama
Soon Enough20183Action / Drama
Range 1520162Comedy / Action
Eyes Of The Dead20151Action / Infection
Broadcast Dead 20180Horror / Thriller
Dead End20030Horror / Thriller

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