ZOMBIE MOVIES – Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015)

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse opens with Blake Anderson (Workaholics fame) singing into his mop, and quite well I must say. He’s a janitor at what appears to be a research facility, and its not long before things go really badly for our beloved janitor. As the researcher struggles with a snack machine, our Department of Defense (DOD) patient gets woken up by the janitor’s antics.

Patient 0 – DOD

With the stage set, we cut over to a scout recruiting session that transitions into the weekend camping trip planning. Sadly for Augie, his two friends, Ben and Carter are done with scouts, they just don’t know how to tell Augie yet. Their planning gets interrupted when they slam into a deer. This introduces the “popular” kids to the mix, and the dreaded “little brother” statement from the popular girl, Kendal, to Ben.

Things only get weirder, because the deer got up and moved off being plowed into by a car. I guess the Zombie Virus isn’t isolated to humans?

It’s not long before the scout leader encounters the deer in the woods, and is forced to put it down with his lucky knife. I believe this is the first time I’ve seen a Zombie Deer get killed, and that is just special. Who doesn’t remember losing their Zombie Deer Death Virginity right?

Pocket Knife Vs. Zombie Deer

Unfortunately for Scout Leader Rogers, the doctor from the research facility is nearby, and he doesn’t get any time to celebrate his victory over the deer.

Back in town, Ben and Carter attempt to buy some beer, which introduces us to the town’s cool stripper who helps the kids out -because that’s what strippers do.

After setting up camp with Augie, Ben and Carter sneak off, thinking they are heading to the secret high school party. After getting caught sneaking off by Augie, Ben and Carter end up in town – back at the strip club.

The first few minutes of Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse was epic, followed by some content to set up the story, and then things really kick off around the 30 minute mark with the introduction of the Zombie Stripper.

This leads an awesome Zombie Kill that was fairly unique. How often do you see the broken bottle turn into a blood spout?

While Carter is kicking some Zombie butt, Ben is getting saved by they lovely Denise Russo, played by Sarah Dumont, who definitely qualifies as a Hotty with a Shotty. Once outside, the small group of survivors realizes what they are up against, after the only thing that takes down one of the creatures is a head shot. Zombies…

Zombies Are Real

The group is forced to flee a moment later after they spot a small horde, but they don’t get far in their getaway car before they lose their mini donut spare and are forced to put the wheel back on. Lucky for them, Denise is a total bad ass.

Meanwhile Augie has also headed into town only to find himself at Scout Leader Roger’s house – just in time to almost get eaten by his scout leader turned Zombie.

Meanwhile, Ben, Carter, and Denise flee to the police station, only to find there isn’t any help to be had. With a horde behind them, they flee to the only safety there is to be had, and end up surrounded in a jail cell.

Trapped In A Jail Cell

Augie ends up saving the group, which leads to an odd scene where Carter squeezes a trapped Zombie Cop’s boobs. Really?

Free of the police station, the group comes on a lone Zombie, which leads to a Brittany Spears sing along with a Zombie, at least until a soldier shows up to rescue them. Unfortunately for the group, the soldier has already been bit – and the learn after killing him that the town is going to be bombed in a few hours.

The group decides their only solution is to find the hidden party, to try and safe their friends (who didn’t invite them to the party). Movie logic right?

While searching for the party location, our group of survivors ends up in a fight at one of their houses, which leads to a nice decapitation before they escape via a trampoline.

Losing Her Head Over it

This leads to one of the over the top moments in the movie, as Ben is forced to hold onto an old man’s genitalia as he’s hanging out a window. This was one of those gags I could have done without.

This leads the group to the crazy cat ladies house, and her cats want revenge!

Cat Attack!

After escaping the cat house, the team hits the local hardware store. They need weapons so they can go save the kids at the high school party. As our group prepares, we get treated to another over the top gag as a young lady gets oral that turns into being eaten for real. Wow, this movie really didn’t hold back anything.

Lucky for the popular kids, our group of Scouts show up just in time to save them from the Zombie horde.

Overall, Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse scored a 67/100, making it Worth Your Time. If you like raunchy, you are going to love this movie. For me, the over the top gags were a bit too much here and there, although some of them did make me laugh at the same time I was cringing.

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