Alone (2020)

Tyler Posey, the star of Teen Wolf, plays Aidan, the main character in Alone. The movie starts fast. Aidan wakes up and the news immediately declarers an emergency. Bites, scratches, the virus easily infects anyone it comes into contact with, turning them into hungry animals.

Aidan watches from his balcony as fighters fly overhead, and then watches the walkway below as a little girl turns. As he goes back into his apartment he finds his neighbor in his living room. His neighbors been bitten, but stays himself just long enough to leave, mostly of his own accord. We do get a brief glimpse of what being infected means though…

Aiden barricades himself in his apartment, but it’s not long before he comes face to face with his first Zombie. Lucky for Aiden, it’s a female. So body mass and muscle is less than what he might have faced if it were a male. He takes her out with a single swing of his bat he takes care of the problem. He then uses a surf board to close up the access panel in the ceiling the female zombie came from.

We then get a short montage of Aiden losing his shit before his mom calls him. He then gets to hear a voicemail that ends with his mom and dad being attacked and killed.

Face To Face With A Horde

This drives Aiden to leave his apartment. Why? I have no idea, but it does. He quickly comes face to face with a small hoard, and only escapes because he’s nimble enough to avoid them. There is a brief chase before Aiden makes it back into his apartment. Once inside a Zombie keeps saying, “Here” and then banging against the door. Very creepy.

The scene cuts to some point in the future when Aiden looks out his window and watches the power fail. The city has gone dark.

The Girl Across The Way

Cut to further in the future. Aiden now sports a beard and looks much rougher around the edges. A message on his laptop says its day 42. He apologizes to the air before climbing on a chair to put a noose around his neck. He looks out his window, about to kill himself when he sees another survivor across the way. Seeing another person gives him hope.

Seeing another person gives Aiden everything he needs. A reason to survive, a reason to try and help someone. Summer Spiro plays Eva, the girl across the way, and Aiden is overjoyed when she finally sees him. The two communicate with notes pressed against the windows. This leads to a cute moment where she asks if he pre wrote all his messages. He asks in return if that is awkward?

Aiden has a ton of bottled water. Eva lets him know that’s bad for the environment, but in a sweet way.

Bad for the Environment

She then very suspiciously closes the blinds, but agrees with a thumbs up to talk to him tomorrow.

Eva, Thumbs Up

What is Eva hiding? Why is she looking into her apartment as she agrees to talk to Aiden again?

The next day Aiden doesn’t see Eva.

The Rain

That night the rain comes. Aiden gets to fill some pots and pans on his balcony while he bathes. Eva gets a free show as he showers naked on his balcony.

Naked Rain Showering

The next morning they greet each other on their balconies and Aiden asks her what happened. Why didn’t she show up? She explains in paper messages that she has someone clawing at her wall from the next door apartment.

Due to the Zombies, the two of them are being very careful about making any noise. Aiden uses a baseball to get a line to her. He then uses the line to send her some supplies. Unfortunately in the process the business Zombie realizes she’s there and begins to climb the balconies. Aiden throws supplies at the Zombie to keep him from attacking Eva. The intervention came at a cost. Aiden is now faced with threats on two fronts. The Zombies in the hallway attack his front door, and the Businessman zombie attacks from his balcony.

Zombie Attack

Aiden kills the Zombie on his balcony with his trusty bat. We then cut to the next act. Aiden has a plan, and goes out into the hall to recover his neighbors keys. He just barely makes it into his neighbors apartment. The walls are covered in blood smears. Then he finds a dead girl. I loved how he was smart enough to confirm she’s dead by throwing something at her where she lies. He also finds some much needed supplies like peanut butter. As he searches the apartment he also finds a ton of climbing gear, including a climbing pick.

There is a brief moment of violence and then Aiden escapes with his loot. This includes a set of walkie talkies, which brings Aiden to tears. Now he has a way to talk to Eva.

For some reason Aiden thinks the best way to get the walkie talkies to her is to climb down to the ground, then throw it up to her, putting him in danger from the roving horde of biters the whole time.

With the package delivered, Aiden climbs back to his own apartment, confirming to himself that he is indeed a ninja. With the mission accomplished he rewards himself with some peanut butter.

The next morning Eva finds her walkie talkie and reaches out, surprising Aiden who is still sleeping.

Aiden and his walkie talkie

Aiden and Eva share a spiritual moment, each of them overjoyed to talk to another human being. They pretend for a little while that the world isn’t full of Zombies, and just chat, each of them overjoyed to talk to another, live human being.

We then cut to Aiden deciding to explore the ductwork which introduced him to the undead. He’s crawling along, and can smell the decay, and is surprised to find a dead body? Aiden then escapes into another apartment, appearing in the bathroom only to find a tub with blood stains in it.

Lucky for Aiden the apartment appears empty, and the pantry is full of supplies. Aiden calls Eva, and tells her its safe. Because the fridge is pushed up against the door, and doesn’t’ think about who pushed it there? At least Eva has a brain, and asks him who moved the fridge, but its too late, Aiden already left his bat in the kitchen.

Donald Sutherland!

Holy sh*t, Donald Sutherland is in this!!!

Aiden meets Edward, played by Donald Sutherland. Edward has a homemade spear, and offers to give Aiden another bag to carry food. Edward seems off though, bringing a plate of suspicious food to Aiden before asking him if there are any other survivors.

Edwards pretends to be a helpless old man before clocking Aiden in the back of the head, briefly knocking him out. Edward has brought Aiden back to his elderly wife who’s already turned. Lucy, Edward’s wife wouldn’t eat Aiden because he was unconscious, but now that he’s awake she’s hungry and just wants to eat.

Hungry Lucy

Aiden just barely escapes when Eva calls him on the walkie talkie and tells him the biters are in her apartment. What else can Aiden do? he has to save her.


Aiden makes it to the ground, and is lucky enough to find a loaded shotgun just in time to defend himself from a biter. The bad news is that the sound draws every biter around, and it becomes a race for Aiden to climb to Eva’s balcony before the biters can follow him.

Thanks to Aiden’s quick thinking he’s able to cut the sheet rope and they are finally together for the first time.

There is a mad run to Aiden’s apartment, and they make it, but Aiden is bitten. He tell s her to go to his neighbors apartment where there is food before pulling off his last shirt, and there is no bite!!!

The movie ends with Aiden and Eva hugging on the floor, their back to the fridge to hold the door shut.

First, I’m a huge fan of Tyler Pose’s work in Teen Wolf and was saddened to hear about his struggles with addiction. He’s said he’s working on his sobriety, and i hope that Alone gives him the funds he needs to stay on that journey. I’m sorry for whatever demons your fighting Tyler, and was glad to see you in a feature film.

Alone Scoring

I would describe Alone as a popcorn movie. It was fun, fast paced, and Worth Your Time. It wasn’t anything new or innovative, but it was fun and had some great moments, which is why it scored a 73/100.

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