Ultimate Zombie Feast (2020)

I’m breaking Ultimate Zombie Feast down into the shorts that it is made up from.

Overall, the total packaged scored a 66/100, which is the average of the nine shorts below. Let me know if you agree with my scores in the comments. This makes Zombie Feast just one point into Worth Your Time territory.

Zombies and Cigarettes

Zombies and Cigarettes begins at 0:00 minutes and ends around 14:30 minutes.

The main character is at the mall, clearly interested in one of his female coworkers when all hell breaks out. The mall is overrun by the undead, and only a small band of survivors are left. They quickly form a plan to try and get to the parking lot and escape, but the Zombies are everywhere.

The filmography is really good, and while the native language is Spanish the text seems well translated and makes sense. (I’ve had some subtitles that were clearly done by a PC. That means they didn’t make any sense with what was going on.)

Zombies and Cigarettes Scoring

As the initial short it was strongly done. At least up till about 7/10ths of the way through when we find out that the Zombies destroyed by perfume? How? We don’t ever get any info on that, which makes the ending seem a little abrupt. I know its a short, but still.

We then get to the other side of this short there is a small twist. This is really a love story about how the main character strikes out. Right up to the end of the short…ouch. Overall I’m giving Zombies and Cigarettes a 66/100.


This short begins at 15:20 and and at 21:00 .

Bitten opens with a woman desperately locking herself inside her apartment. Blood splatter is visible on her shirt as she struggles to lock the door. When she turns around we see she’s been bitten, and has a nasty wound on her neck.

Really Painful Hickey?

Inside we see that the apartment is safe. There is evidence of violence on the walls, the mirror, and smeared across the cabinets.

As our victim slowly turns we get flashbacks of what happened. The special effects were really well done. I can see the emotional impact the short is trying for, but for me, it didn’t satisfy that Zombie craving. There was gore, and there was a little bit of violence, but who wants to see mum stab her (presumably infected) family to death?

Bitten scores a 50/100.

Dead Hungry

This begins at 22:00 and ends at 29:45.

Dead Hungry opens with a late middle aged Zombie in coveralls wandering through the woods. The Zombie sadly groans, “Brains,” every so often. Farmer Zombie is of the classic slow variety. Even after he finds two campers trying to get it on, he can’t score a bite.

The next scene has kids retreating to a cabin. The cabin is surrounded by the Undead, and our Farmer Zombie end up losing an arm. There is also a bit of Zombie Love going on? Farmer Zombie seems to recognize one of the lady Zombies?

Zombie Love

In the end, our Farmer Zombie did get a snack, but he didn’t get to keep his love? Unless eating her brains counts?

Dead Hungry was short and overall a little silly. But it is worth watching on a Rainy Day as it scored a 60/100.

The Skin of Your Teeth

This short begins at 30:55 and ends at 44:30.

The Skin of Your Teeth opens with a man putting a few more nails in his boarded up windows. Outside a woman waters their garden. As night falls they take shelter in their little country home while listening to the radio. The broadcast warns them to stay inside.

The morning begins with two men waking in the woods. They look nervous and anxious as they walk their bikes along the woods. At least until they get to the farm house. The group knows each other and the campers are greeted with hugs and smiles.

The next day we see our first Zombie. The group quickly takes it out before dragging the body to the pile. Apparently our farmers have been taking care of business.

Body Pile

Why did they cover the pile with a tarp? Why not make a burn pit or just dump them? While two of the men are distracted with the bodies, another Zombie almost gets to the woman as she’s farming.

Someplace Safer?

The farming couple wants to find someplace safer. The two who came from the city seem to think the farm is a good place to stay. They have food, and lots of open ground to see the Zombies coming.

The group is woken in the morning by a Zombie banging at their boarded up window. This Zombie is quickly shot, and drug to the pile. As they are are placing the latest Zombie on the pile we see a horde come over the hill. This was an awesome scene:

The Horde Cometh

Sadly, one of the campers doesn’t make it back as the group flees to the farmhouse which is quickly overrun. The surviving men get quickly pulled down and the woman is forced to flee. She makes it to a grain silo where she is trapped, holding off the horde with a piece of plywood.

And thus ends The Skin of Your Teeth.

The Skin of Your Teeth Scoring

There was so much potential with this short. Even if the Zombie effects were really basic, the scene where they come over the hill was just epic. The ending on the other hand was a bit weak in my opinion. Which cost The Skin of Your Teeth some points.

The Skin of Your Teeth just squeaked by into Worth Your Time territory with a score of 70/100.


Arise begins at 46:00 and ends at 1:01.

There is not a lot going on for XXX. The audio quality is pretty bad, and for a Zombie short, the action takes forever to get started.

The dialogue is C+ at best. The whole short should have started when the main character, Dan got back from his food run. Everything before that is basically just filler.

There is a good bit of gore though, so I’m giving the gore a B+. But the special effects are a solid C.

Drill Press Kill

I did like the ending, but the overall production values are a bit lacking, so Arise is getting a 63/100.


This short begins at 1:03:30 and ends at 1:47:50.

Zomblies begins with a man an camo running through the forest. He is shooting Zombies as he comes across them while screaming for Porosa. Porosa is nowhere to be found, but he does find one of his buddies who’s been gutted. He briefly tries to help, but runs when its clear the wounded man isn’t going to make it. The wounded man turns quickly and appears to hunt down his buddy. We then cut over to a woman calling for help on a radio. A group of government and military leaders listen to her from around a boardroom table. Whatever is going on, no one at the table seems surprised.

When we cut back to the wilderness. There is a small caption telling us we are 15 miles west of “The Wall” before seeing a squad of soldiers come up out of the water in classic action movie style.

Water Entrance

The soldiers quickly encounter a swarm of fast moving Zombies and run for the high ground. The soldiers enjoy some target practice as they search for the signal of the last team who’d been sent in.

For a group of elite soldiers, they seem undisciplined. Their most critical piece of gear, their radio, rapidly breaks, forcing the group to go find the radio from the first team who they’ve lost contact with.

The team is quickly overrun as they move north, but it does lead to some nice Zombie Violence.

Zombie Kills

Run & Gun

There are lots of Zombies in the woods, and the team is forced to run and gun as they flee. They don’t seem overly burdened with gear, at least not visibly. They are apparently carrying a ton of ammo, because they are blowing through it really quick.

We then see a montage of soldiers running across fields. The control center tracks them via satellite before the rangers find themselves in what looks like an abandoned industrial complex. For some reason they take a sample from a Zombie. This is done with no gloves, and no face shield. Which of course means the Zombie the soldier is collecting a sample from coughs blood into his face and eyes.

We then get to meet Porosa, who rapidly gets bit, and hides it from the team. We get introduced to one more survivor before the soldier who caught the blood spit in his eyes blows his head off, apparently realizing he’s been infected.

The group is then overrun and forced to flee but the control center wants them to bring back samples – which happen to be with the soldier who blew his head off.

There is a lot of Zombie action, hordes of undead, a bombing run by jets, a motorcycle escape with lots of explosions, and then the team reaches The Wall, were the auto turrets are quickly turned on them. Luckily for the sole survivor, the guns can’t point down right at the base of the wall.

Wall Turrets

Zomblies Scoring

Zomblies is by far the longest episode so far, and it clearly had a much larger budget than the other shorts so far. There are good special effects, tons of Zombies and fighting, but, it only scored a 71/100.

Why? The plot is pretty bad, the dialogue is horrible, and people yell and scream for no reason that makes any sense. With a better story, better dialogue, and some slightly better directed actors, this could have been an awesome short, instead of being at the lower end of the Worth Your Time scale.

Fear of the Living Dead

This short begins at 1:50:30 and ends at 2:06:00.

Fear of the Living Dead opens with a young woman walking down the street, an axe in hand. The infection is two weeks old. She enters a home, her ax at the ready as she searches the home. In the back she finds a Zombie having some dinner, and does a little bit of Zombie whacking.

Time To Swing That Ax

With the house cleared she raids the cupboards for some supplies before heading out into the woods where she encounters a few more hungry undead which she quickly dispatches.

After finding a cabin to sleep in our heroine gets disturbed midway through the night be a female Zombie which she destroys quickly. Apparently she’s not so good about clearing spaces she’s going to be sleeping in?


The next day she finds another survivor who is alarmed by the bitemarks on her arm. She has been bitten, multiple times, but she thinks she is immune.

She wants to keep moving, but the male survivor wants to stay put. In the end the pull of company makes him follow her back out into the Zombie infested streets.

After entering a random home to find supplies, the male survivor uses his pistol to kill a Zombie inside the house, which brings all the local Zombies in to investigate.


Thanks to some luck and a few pistol shots the pair escapes, but not before our female survivor gets a few fingers bitten off. They find a vehicle and flee to a safe place.

This is when things take a turn. There is a nice little twist. It’s not overall original, but it was a surprise, which earned Fear of the Living Dead a 75/100. There isn’t much dialogue, and there is a “College Project” feel to Fear of the Living Dead, but it is Worth Your Time.

Not Even Death

Not Even Death begins at 2:07:00 and ends at 2:12:00.

The final short opens with a man slowly going into his shed to fed his now Zombie girl. Jackie has clearly seen better days.


After making his wife angry because he only has one cow brain, Jackie gets pissed. She clearly doesn’t remember her husband, and him yelling at her about their daughter doesn’t seem to do much.

Angered, Jackie escapes just as her husband trips, which results in him getting bitten. As she’s tearing into dinner, who comes to the stop of the steps but the daughter, and thus this very short short, ends.

Not Even Death has some good subtle backstory that was put in as the husband is talking about getting brains for Jackie, but the overall content isn’t anything new, which is why Not Even Death scored a 60/100.

Paris By Night Of The Living Dead

Paris By Night Of The Living Dead begins at 2:13:00 and ends at 2:25:00.

This French short begins with a couple getting married, which includes a promise to send the other to heaven if they turn into one of the undead before jumping right into the action.

Zombie Killing Action

There is fairly nonstop, over the top Zombie killing action which culminates in the wife having to uphold her vows after her husband gets bitten. She uses a rocket on him and somehow gets bitten when his head lands on her leg.

The short ends with the two of them kidding, surrounded by other Zombies.

As silly as it was, I’m giving this episode an 80/100 as it jumped right into the action and didn’t let up.

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