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Zombie Movies – Eyes Of The Dead (2015)

The big thing that Eyes Of The Dead had going for it was its “single shot”, “first person” filming style.

The novelty of that wears off really quickly, and quite honestly, made me motion sick within fifteen minutes. Was the story enough to keep me watching after those first fifteen? I have to be honest, no it wasn’t. The filming style seemed like a gimmick to me, and I couldn’t get into or enjoy it because of that.

Sorry if you loved the movie, but I’m giving this a 1/100. It is not worth a watch, there are better options.

Zombieland2010100Comedy / Action
Train To Busan2016100Action / Infection
28 Days Later2002100Action / Infection
Serenity200599Action / Sci-Fi
The Girl With All The Gifts201695Action / Infection
The Return of the Living Dead198585Comedy / Action
Night of the Comet198485Comedy / Action
Shaun Of The Dead200481Comedy / Action
I Am Legend (2007)200780Action / Infection
28 Weeks Later200780Action / Infection
Here Alone201675Suspense / Infection
The Rezort201572Action / Infection
Daylight's End201671Action / Infection
The Dead 2: India201570Action / Infection
Bird Box201869Action / Horror / Possession
Ravenous201768Action / Infection
The Night Eats The World201867Suspense / Infection
Trench 11201766Action / Horror
Zoombies201665Awesomely Bad
Anna And The Apocalypse201755Musical / Infection
Day of the Dead: Bloodline201851Action / Infection
Disaster L.A.201450Action
Dead 7201631Action / Infection
Pandemic201630Action / Infection
Eyes Of The Dead20151Action / Infection

Trump – Deep & Dark

How much more evidence do you need before we take an ax and cut off the infected meat of the Republican Party?

Anyone who defended or is defending Trump and his Russian contacts has to be suspect. Does the Kremlin have dirt on them as well?

How deep doe sit go?

Take back the GOP!!!

We can’t be weak on Russia. We need to make anyone who hacked us pay – with their lives if need be – and anyone who tried to support Trump and his pro Russian, Anti American agenda needs to be voted out of office or removed through any appropriate legal means.

Trump – Which Stock Again?

Oh, yeah, he’s making a laughing stock of the GOP by making all the traitors in the party defend his actions.

When is enough enough?

Take back the GOP! Vote out Mitch Mcconnell, Paul Ryan, Fran Grenier, and anyone else who stands up for Trump and defends his contacts with the Russians. How did we become the weak on Russia Party?

How did we become the party for the 1%?

Take back the GOP – anyone who supports Trump has to be voted out!!!!

Fran Grenier – Wrong For Woodstown’s Future

Fran Grenier has stood by Chris Christie, a bully and a die hard Trump supporter.

Fran Grenier is 100% for Trump – the P*ssy Grabber.

Fran Grenier is wrong for South Jersey.

We need Republican leadership that believes in Christian Values and doing the right thing.

How does any Republican who supports Trump reconcile that with being a good person.

How can you support Trump and believe you can make good judgements to help your fellow South Jersey neighbors?