Resident Evil: Season 1, Episode 3

Resident Evil The Light has Jade attempting a dangerous escape through the Chunnel. She is leading a small group of survivors in an attempt to escape Umbrella’s wrath.

Resident Evil

The story telling continues to jump back and forth between the current timeline and the backstory. They should have just concentrated on the current timeline with Jade running from Richard Baxter, played by Turlough Convery. Yes, I kind of recognized him but couldn’t place it until I looked at his IMDB page and realized I knew him from Killing Eve.

With Baxter hot on her heels, Jade is forced to make a risky escape through the Chunnel, only to have Baxter follow her there anyway. Of course Umbrella isn’t the only dangerous thing in the Chunnel and there are some nice action scenes as everyone ends up fighting for their survival.

I Hate Spiders

Compared to The Devil You Know, The Light picked up and felt much faster paced. There are multiple combat scenes and a few good moments of suspense. I still don’t like jumping back and forth between timelines. It seems overused and I think I’d actually like the episode more if I could just watch the “current timeline” version. Yes, I love Lance Reddick as Albert Wesker. Actually, I love almost every role he’s ever had. From The Wire to John Wick, how can you not appreciate the subtle intensity that Lance brings to every role he plays?

But…I just want to see the story progression when Jade is surviving in the Zombie infested wastelands. I would even be happy if they just limited the flashbacks to a very short clip explaining why something is the way it is. I don’t need a whole other storyline to explain the past.

Scoring Resident Evil The Light

Okay, rant over. I’m giving The Light a 77/100 as I felt like it was back on track after a slower Episode 2. There was more and better action and I happily watched it twice to make sure I didn’t miss any small details.

If you need your Resident Evil fix, I’d go back to the classics.

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
11Welcome to New Raccoon City80
12The Devil You Know45
13The Light77
14The Turn60
15Home Movies1
16Someone’s Little Girl25

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Wyrmwood: Apocalypse (2021)

I really liked the way that Wyrmwood: Apocalypse starts. I love the soldiers camp and how he has set up his outpost. At the same time there is plenty of action and gore in this sequel to Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead.

Wyrmwood: Apocalypse
Wyrmwood: Apocalypse

Wyrmwood: Apocalypse is Worth Your Time and scored a 77/100. The acting was excellent, there are lots of Zombies and violence, and there is no lack of gore. So what cost it a few points? The movie was actually heading to a much stronger score until the last act when the writers decided to make the story about the “Uber Zombie” boss battle. I felt like this was a bit formulaic but I still really liked the movie and highly recommend it if you haven’t already watched it.

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Red Days20167Action / Infection
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Z Nation Season 3, Episode 2

A New Mission begins with Citizen Z, nearly frozen to death, stranded out in the snow in the far north. We then see someone put him on a sled and begin to pull him away.

Citizen Z On The Ice

We then cut over to Warren just as Murphy is approaching from the sub. We have apparently fallen back in time from Episode 1. A group Asian special forces have Warren, Doc, Addy, and Escorpion. Murphy has decided to set out on his own.


Murphy, 10K and Murphy’s Zombie Slaves don’t make it far before two of their four wheelers blow tires. This leads to an attack by a group of very barbarian like newcomers. Murphy tries to stop them, but they aren’t Zombies, and his power doesn’t hold sway over them.


The special forces have air support, including an air drop of supplies. Unfortunately, everyone for miles around can see the supplies falling from the sky. This results in a mad rush to get to the supplies first.

Back in the north Citizen Z is slowly coming to, waking up next to a young lady. He doesn’t know where he is, but Pup is okay and he’s warm. That seems like a good reason to lie back down and rest. In the end it does make sense. If they wanted to harm him, he wouldn’t be waking up at all.

Citizen Z Got Lucky

Back on the race to the supplies, the special forces holding Team Warren show just how much firepower they have. A small group of Zombies approach, and is rapidly taken out by a laser grenade.

Laser Grenade

The special forces, being overly confident, almost fall pray to a Zombie straggler. Luckily for them, Warren and Escorpion take care of the Zombie even though they are in handcuffs. Warren and Escorpion get their zip tied cut off as a reward.

Back over on the Team Murphy side 10K is trying to break away from whatever hold Murphy has on him. As 10k struggles they hear something approaching. A massive ball of Zombies is rolling along, tearing into itself as the starving Zombies eat each other.

Zombie Ball

Out on the hunt for the air drop, the special forces have decided to give Team Warren their weapons back, with some small modifications. Addy gets a new Z-Whacker and this time its electrified.

Shockingly Nice Modifications


Back in the cold North Citizen Z has woken up, literally, on every front, and we get introduced to Kaya. Kaya is a huge fan of Citizen Z. Kaya has a flat affect, but I love the way she approaches life, and her affection that is already apparent for Citizen Z.

Back on the hunt for the supply drop the special forces go down after one poorly timed laser grenade. A zombie throws the laser grenade back and all but one soldier gets their heads popped off. The survivor is bleeding though, and he doesn’t last long when the smell brings a hungry Zombie his way. The mission has been a total bust. The female leader of the special forces is still alive, but her team is dead, and the supplies have been destroyed.

Warren takes control the situation. Their new mission is to get Murphy, and help save the world. Because no one else is going to do it. This is just about when Murphy rolls up in an armored vehicle. Murphy wants Warren to join his mission, and he has no desire to save anyone.

As Team Warren is struggling with their next step to bring Murphy back into their fold, Citizen Z is watching the northern lights with Kaya.

The episode ends with The man showing the name on his paper, and no surprises here, he’s after Murphy.

Alvin Bernard Murphy

A New Mission Score

A New Mission had some great scenes and I loved seeing Citizen Z made it after nearly freezing to death. Overall I’m giving A New Mission  a 77/100, making it Worth Your Time.

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
11Puppies and Kittens95
12Fracking Zombies80
13Philly Feast80
14Full Metal Zombie81
15Home Sweet Zombie75
16Resurrection Z81
17Welcome to the Fu-Bar83
19Die Zombie Die… Again29
110Going Nuclear79
111Sisters Of Mercy82
112Murphy's Law80
113Doctor of the Dead91
21The Murphy90
22White Light81
23Zombie Road90
24Batch 4760
26Zombie Baby Daddy86
27Down The Mississippi87
28The Collector63
210We Were Nowhere Near the Grand Canyon72
211Corporate Retreat85
212Party with the Zeros64
213Adiós, Muchachos69
214Day 190
215All Good Things Must Come to an End 94
31No Mercy90
32A New Mission77
33Murphy's Miracle80
34Escorpion and the Red Hand70
35Little Red and the Wolfz79
36Doc Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest73
37Welcome to Murphytown 67
38Election Day80
39Heart of Darkness70
310They Grow Up So Quickly85
311Doc’s Angels70
312The Siege of Murphytown70
314Everybody Dies in the End70

iZombie , Season 1, Episode 10

Mr. Berserk starts with Liv sitting in an interrogation room. The police want to know how she ended up at her boyfriends house just after he was killed. The cops like her for at at first, at least until Suzuki comes in and tells the detective to let Liv go. Lowell had gunshot residue on his hands, making the case a suicide.

Blood On Your Hands

As Liv is dealing with the loss of her just found love, Clive tells Ravi that he should go check on Major. Clive still thinks Major is having some form of psychotic break. Ravi if course knows exactly what happened, even if he can’t admit it to anyone but Liv.

Sniper Brains

Liv, desperate to get the PTSD Sniper brains out of her system, jumps at the chance to eat the brains of the next body on the ME’s table. It just happens to be the alcoholic reporter who was helping Major investigate the missing kids.

The next day Clive tracks down Julian, and Julian looks just fine. In fact Julian is doing so well he’s benching a few hundred pounds. Clive goes back to Major and does what he thinks is the right thing. He tells Major he needs to get psychiatric help.

Get Help

Major believes he’s losing his mind. He admits himself into an inpatient psychiatric facility. This upsets Ravi, who confronts Liv. Major’s not crazy, and Ravi wants to tell him what’s really happening. Liv just feels relief that if Major is in the hospital he’ll be safe. How is he ever going to live with knowing that Zombies are real? Worse than that, knowing what really happened to the missing kids?

The Candyman

Alcoholic Brains Incoming

Liv, powered with the knowledge that her victims brains are showing her, tracks down the people in the story her victim was working on. This leads to a very twisted revelation from the debate team’s past. It could just be the reason the report ended up in the ME’s office.

With alcoholic fueled brains onboard, Liv goes into a drinking frenzy. When she gets flagged by the bartender, she calls the only person she trusts, Major, to come get her. This leads to a touching, but sad exchange between the two of them.

The next day Clive shows up at the ME’s office and shares that their prime suspect in the reporter murder has an alibi, but he did find some other things out. The tell tale mentions of the Max Rager drink have started to reveal a pattern. People who drink it are going Berserk.

Mr. Berserk

They now have a new suspect. If the reporter believed Max Rager was causing violent episodes, they’d have plenty of reasons to kill the reporter.

This leads Liv to go confront the Max Rager CEO, which doesn’t end well. They escort her out and when Liv gets back to the MEs office Clive is there, and he can smell the booze on her. Clive tells Liv she’s off the case. Between confronting the Max Rager CEO and being drunk, its time for Liv to take a break, and Ravi backs Clive up.

The Fixer

Liv finds another lead in her victims notes, and tracks down the Max Rager employee who had supplied the reporter with data. Unfortunately for Liv and the inside woman, Liv also lead the Max Rager fixer directly to them. The fixer thinks he’s killed them both, but not feeling a pulse on Liv doesn’t quite mean what he thinks it means.

Liv would have been dead, but her Zombie Rage kicked in just at the right moment and she was able to survive.

Liv Taking Care Of The Fixer

Back in the MEs office Liv finally signs off on destroying Lowell’s body, and admits to Ravi that his death was her fault. If she had just pulled the trigger, Lowell wouldn’t have had to try and step up, and would still be alive.

While Liv is dealing with the aftermath of her decisions Major is in the hospital, sharing his story in group. Only, one of the other members in group tells Major he knows exactly what’s going on, and gives Major confirmation that he’s experienced the exact same things, and he knows why.

Friggin Zombies

Mr. Berserk ends with the Fixer from the boat waking up on the beach. He’s cut up, and his eyes are bright red. That little bit of Liv’s blood he tasted when he thought he was the hunter and not the prey, just turned him into a Zombie.

Mr. Berserk Score

Mr. Berserk scored a 77/100 and is Worth Your Time. The storyline keeps you wanting to know what’s going to happen next, and acting is just top notch.

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
Season 11Pilot90
Season 12Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?70
Season 13The Exterminator71
Season 14Liv and Let Clive75
Season 15Flight of the Living Dead71
Season 16Virtual Reality Bites76
Season 17Maternity Liv75
Season 18Dead Air66
Season 19Patriot Brains74
Season 110Mr. Berserk77
Season 111 Astroburger72
Season 112Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat73
Season 113Blaine's World80
Season 21Grumpy Old Liv80
Season 22Zombie Bro80
Season 23Real Dead Housewife of Seattle85
Season 24Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues70
Season 25Love & Backetball81
Season 26Max Wager75
Season 27Abra Cadaver85
Season 28The Hurt Stalker90
Season 29Cape Town88
Season 210Method Head75
Season 211Fifty Shades of Grey Matter85
Season 212Physician, Heal Thy Selfie70
Season 213The Whopper85
Season 214Eternal Sunshine of the Caffeinated Mind69
Season 215He Blinded Me With Science81
Season 216Pour Some Sugar, Zombie82
Season 217Reflections of the Way Liv Used to Be83